Telus investing $4.2b in Alberta, will upgrade every tower to LTE


  • Valentine BaFaColio

    I wonder when wind will invest in the network? Oh I remember now!! Why invest when people are ok with garbage. carry on way to go telus!!

    • Rethcork

      Garbage network? Please help me understand, as in my experience I find it pretty good through out BC and Alberta.

    • duwenbasden

      Such as a solid min to load a page, “no connection” on the 20th floor in DT yyc even though it has full bars, and no signal in basement (with my tablet’s antennas no less) when my Fido connects on IMT-E.

      For e.g., started loading page at 7th St., finally succeeded at Lion’s Park.

      OT: now you just need to get some IMT-E spectrum, and stop charging 50$/GB on overage, Telus.

    • MassDeduction

      IMT-E? I just read a bunch of IMT documents about spectrum bands and couldn’t find a reference to it. By the reference to Telus not having any/needing to acquire it, and by it being remarkable that you got it (it’s has the worst penetration of all currently deployed bands by Canadian operators) I’m guessing you mean BRS (AKA 2500MHz, AKA 2600MHz, AKA LTE band 7)?

    • duwenbasden

      Yes, IMT-E = BRS, aka 2600 / B7.

    • Omis

      Oh dont bother with her. Just a troll. Valentine doesn’t have one post that isnt a dig at wind.

    • Valentine BaFaColio

      help you understand go to the wind facebook page and read the endless complaints about signal, service, phiones,warranty etc.. if you are lucky you can hear from brokeback brian.

    • Fiddlesticks

      Haha, couldn’t agree more. It’s a lame excuse of a network. I was with WIND for 8 days. 8 DAYS, after which I left them for good because of their pathetic network. I’d rather pay double to the big 3 and get coverage inside concrete buildings and underground parking lots than not get coverage standing outside, on WIND. LOL. I’m with TELUS by the way and they’re amazing.

  • Tim3Tripp3r

    Hopefully someone at Rogers reads mobilesyrup. They are so far behind Telus in LTE deployment that it’s a joke. There’s more than few cities/ rural areas in Canada that probably won’t see LTE from Rogers in my lifetime (55 yrs old). Telus has had LTE up and running about 3 years ago in my area.
    Maybe that’s their take on “bringing value to the brand” – less for more.

    • Marc Palumbo

      Hopefully someone at Rogers starts upgrading period. I can’t catch a signal anywhere and I’m in Montreal! Rogers is the pits!

    • MassDeduction

      It’s different everywhere you go. In Greater Victoria every network has few dead spots, and what few there are seem to be on every network. I don’t just have LTE pretty much everywhere I go, I have LTE on BRS (2600MHz) almost everywhere.

      My partner is on Telus and when we travel in Southern Vancouver Island together if one loses the coverage the other almost always does too.

  • thomas nguyen

    Apparently they have the money to spend 1billion on upgrading existing network, but Telus refuses to invest in interference issues up north and in the rural area… upgrading to LTE does not solve any existing issue, other than increase speed.
    what they should invest in is interference and capacity of their existing towers…
    I rather have a consistent fairly fast 3g network than a fast yet inconsistent LTE network.
    not to mention Telus operates their LTE on a higher frequency, meaning less signal penetration.

    • Jesse

      Well as for the signal penetration part, they will be deploying their 700mhz for LTE

    • Tim3Tripp3r

      Yes, that’s why 700mhz is such a hot commodity. The OP should see better results with 700mhz LTE as long as the phone gets that frequency.

    • thomas nguyen

      Phase 1 of TELUS was to deploy 700 in the rurals, most of the towers (alberta at least) is already fully loaded, and to upgrade means they have to remove some Radio Units to add 700.
      still capacity is still an issue, especially in the core, and some communities (at least in calgary) where 1 – 2 towers share a load of 3 or so communities

    • Upgrading existing towers is a lot cheaper than building new ones, even if new towers are needed a lot more than upgrades.

      Upgrading a tower just requires new cell equipment. Building a new tower requires land (owned or leased, neither is cheap), a base (tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands), the tower, and finally the cell equipment (old technology and new, not just new). Now take all those costs, the number of people in those communities, how likely they are to sign up with Telus and use the towers, the average amount they’d pay, the margin made on those plans, and figure out how long it would take Telus to make their money back on the tower. Odds are that they won’t invest in a new tower if it takes too long to recover their costs.

    • thomas nguyen

      yes, i am fully aware of the cost implication, but what im trying to get at, is increasing speeds with the upgrade to lte doesnt solve the overall problem:
      in the rural area and up north – interference
      in dense city location – capacity
      yes it’s great i get LTE speeds, but in downtown or at home in an area where there is 1 tower providing coverage to multiple community, the speeds are drastically lowered due to capacity.

    • simple start to add new towers that are lte only. 😀

  • Peter

    Seeing these types of expenditures by Telus just goes to show how expensive it is to roll out these new networks across Canada. Some may feel like they are paying too much for their cell plans but they forget to factor in the huge costs of constantly having to replace one network with another. And all this because we consumers demand faster and more reliable data. We can’t have it both ways.

    • Mawhayden

      But you know human nature, we want Wind prices with Telus/rogers speeds. In reality most Canadians would take the middle road and would like to have reasonable prices with good coverage and speeds . I do hope we eventually come to a reasonable middle ground ….for all Canadians …Either extreme is not practical in the long term. I went from Rogers to Wind, but could not take the speeds and connectivity issues and ported out to Fido, bought my phone outright and now on a monthly BYOD plan., but many of you are correct , it’s getting ridiculous …to get a half decent network connection why do we have to Pay and Pay with the Big 3. Hopefully time will tell….because Wind may work for some folks but at this time WIND is not working for me…BYOD is the best compromise at this time. Again that’s my situation, everyone will have to determine their own usage/price situation.

  • Tyrannosaur3464

    I’ve seen it already, a new tower turned on a block away recently. 88mbps LTE.

  • Bring LTE to Athabasca tomorrow!

    • Mo Dabbas

      I thought LTE already available in those areas?? It’s available further north in Fort McMurray and even further at Fort McKay!!! It’s weird you don’t get LTE a bit down south from there!!

    • Its not here yet only 4g. Probly our population has something to do with it. The names you listed are oil areas. That’s why they have it. I think?

  • Peter

    How about making the network more reliable?

    • CL

      If the article was about TELUS investing in making their network more reliable, your comment would’ve been ‘how about faster speeds’. I think we as Canadians complain a little too much….

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