Acer to announce Windows 10 phone at MWC

Microsoft is waiting until late-summer to announce its first Windows 10 mobile flagship, but that doesn’t mean we won’t see some new Windows 10 mobile hardware at MWC next week.

Focus Taiwan reports that Acer’s arrival in Barcelona will also herald a return to Windows Phone for Acer after a three-year break. Acer will reportedly use MWC as a launchpad for its first Windows 10 mobile device. Focus Taiwan says the company will also have the Android-powered Jade at the show, as well.

Specs are unknown at this point. While we’re crossing our fingers for a flagship, it’s unlikely Acer is ready to jump in with both feet so early in the game. The company has only produced one Windows Phone device to date and a lot has changed since the Allegro and Windows Phone 7.5. No doubt we’ll see something more in the mid-range to complement the Jade.

Microsoft made a big show of announcing Windows Phone 7 hardware partners way back when the platform first launched. By the time Windows Phone 8.1 rolled around, Nokia was really the only company pushing Windows Phone hardware in a big way. Now that Microsoft’s owns Nokia’s handset division and the company is no longer relying on support from third-party OEMs, it’ll be really interesting to see which manufacturers step up for Windows 10 mobile.

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