WIND Mobile has a new $44 per month plan with unlimited US calling [Update]

WIND Mobile has a new plan coming tomorrow, November 7th, called the Cross-Canada Plan (though the company is referring to it as a holiday plan).

This plan will give you unlimited service on WIND’s network across Canada as well as unlimited talk, MMS, and calls to the US, unlimited international texts, and an additional $10 of service credits. If you’re already on the Wind 40 plan, the only thing you’re missing out on here is unlimited US calls and the $10 monthly credit. Those service credits do expire at the end of every month and can be used when you’re on WIND Away.

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 12.32.50 PM

Given this plan is described as a holiday plan in the internal WIND documents we received, we’re assuming it won’t be available forever, though there’s no indication as to the deadline for signing up for this plan.

Update: This new $44/month plan is now live and according to the terms and conditions it will be in-market until December 24th. – IH