Google’s Motorola-made Nexus X could look a lot like the new Moto X [Update]


  • pngface

    Cmon. This can’t be real – a 6 inch nexus? At best I say there’s going to be 2 nexuses(nexii?) and this is the larger one

    • SuperDSpamalot

      The specs look a little bleeding edge for me to believe it’s accurate as well. Usually Nexus devices have slightly lower specs then the device they’re based on. It certainly wouldn’t be higher. Even if there was going to be 2 versions, it still seems pretty iffy to me, there is no way a device with these specs would go for $350.

    • QQ

      Onepus one has pretty similar specs to this and is just $350 for 64gb. Since this is backed by Google, and will sell way more units than OPOne, I can see it coming for $350-400. I hope Google does 32/64gb options or 16/64gb.


      Nexus phones always feature the top specs available at the time of its release so it will have at least the specs listed if not better than those.

    • SuperDSpamalot

      … Except for the Nexus 4 that didn’t come with LTE and the Nexus 5 that came with a lesser camera and smaller screen? Right?

    • Anaron

      The Nexus 5 had a Snapdragon 800 when competing devices had a Snapdragon 600. Also, it had a camera with optical image stabilization (OIS). It may have been mediocre but it at least had that.

    • SuperDSpamalot

      You mean the competing devices like the Xperia Z1, Note 3, Lumia 1520, Galaxy S4 LTE-A and the G2? (and I’m sure a pile of others i’m forgetting) They all had Snapdragon 800s, and the G2 had OIS and a better sensor. It was a fine phone, especially for the price, it was definitely not a spec monster though.

    • Me Ted

      LTE had barely launched at the time. Most cameras are of a “lesser” quality when compared to the iPhone’s.

    • monsterduc1000

      Umm… NOPE! The Nexus S, Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 4 were not top spec devices at all.

    • Tyler Hardeman

      you’re not 100% right but close. the N4 was missing LTE, and the phones before were not high end.

      The Nexus 5 however, was pretty top of the line when compared to other phones of 2013. The camera wasn’t the best but that can be said of almost every android phone right now…

    • Elomiir

      I’m using LTE on my Nexus 4. That’s kind of a nonissue.

    • Colton Blumhagen

      It’s not real LTE though.

    • ToniCipriani

      It’s real LTE alright… just at the cost of using an older baseband.

    • Tyler Hardeman

      except that it wasn’t an official feature and you had to hack it to do it. Not exactly mass market friendly. Time to stop thinking like the 5% of users who even know that feature exists and think about the 95% who just want to buy a phone and use it.

    • Ryan

      Nexus devices have always had similar specs to other flagship phones and still cost $350ish, not any different now.

  • Ken K.

    Good. This will probably be my next phone. Anyone who wants a smaller Nexus can simply buy the Moto X.

    • Pigs Can Fly

      I have the Moto X, it’s a lovely phone

    • Ken K.

      Yes because it is the best Android phone on the market. Too bad only Telus will be selling it.

    • Pigs Can Fly

      What about Fido? that’s where i bought mine from

    • Comrade Yeti

      Rogers didn’t pick up the new X, only TELUS

    • wes

      Fido had it. They just removed it 2 weeks ago.

    • Comrade Yeti

      FIdo had the old X. The new X hasn’t launched yet and will only be available from TELUS.

    • Richard Wangly

      Those that want a smaller X, however…

  • Mhee123D

    I’m down for a new Nexus. My Atrix 4G is fading.

    • monsterduc1000

      Did you ever have any problems with the screen touches going all weird? Mine and my buddies Moto phones both had the digitizer go on them making the phones useless. I may be interested in this phone if Moto has solved this issue.

    • Mhee123D

      Nothing too bad. Works horribly when I use Google Search. I’ll enjoy it until this new nexus is at a good price.

  • D. Leduc

    My next phone… Wait 6 inch?!.. nevermind!!

    • Me Ted

      For those of us with larger hands this will do just fine.

  • Pigs Can Fly

    A little large for a Nexus device, and that looks like the Moto X+.

    • Me Ted

      Not in my book and yes…yes it does.

  • Hopefully next year’s model will return to a 5ish inch size if this current information is true. My Nexus 5 will have an extended life when L comes, not that I’m tired of it right now, so I’ll keep it. Also, 64-bit Snapdragon 800-series chips are supposed to be coming 1H 2015 – this one misses it.

    • David Kertesz

      Going to wait it out, 64bit and L sound good. Gonna keep my moto x. Till next Nexus

  • CoffeeGeeker

    Hope they’re wrong. the screen size is just far too large. Even 5″ is too large, IMO.

    • Me Ted

      Shhh. Don’t tell the millions upon millions of Note users that.

    • Aaron Hoyland

      He isn’t saying that the phone is too large for everyone, simply too large for him. Phone size preference is an inherently subjective exercise, so it’s hardly fair to suggest that he is wrong just because there are others who prefer larger phones. Also, you may want to stay away from using sales numbers are your main argument, as the VAST majority of smartphones sold around the world (iPhone/Galaxy S) are a lot smaller than this.

    • Me Ted

      “He isn’t saying that the phone is too large for everyone, simply too large for him.”

      He said it’s “..just far too large…IMO”. That’s a lot different than saying “the device is too large for my needs.” I know we’re talking semantics here, but his choice of words makes his intent very clear.

      “Also, you may want to stay away from using sales numbers are your main
      argument, as the VAST majority of smartphones sold around the world”

      So. Did Samsung not move millions of these larger screened units, so much so that they single-handedly spawned a new segment in the market? Of course they did. Don’t be silly.

    • Aaron Hoyland

      Oh, of course they did. Samsung is 100% to thank/blame for the current phablet trend. My point is, there is likely only going to be a single Nexus phone. As such, they have to choose what screen size will appeal to the widest range of consumers. If Samsung could only sell a single phone, do you think it would be S5-sized or Note-sized? I’d wager it’s the former.

    • CoffeeGeeker

      Are you sure there are actually millions upon millions of Note users? I haven’t seen Samsung publish sales numbers, but I’d be honestly surprised if the Note sales weren’t more than a niche, and barely cracked 500,000 in North America (I know phablet sales are much higher in Asia than N. America, but I’m talking about the N. American market here).

    • Me Ted

      The Note 3 sold 10 million units in 2 months.

    • CoffeeGeeker

      Where. I bet the N. American numbers don’t even approach 1 million. Phablets are all the rage in Asia. Not so much over here… you know, where the Google Nexus products have their primary markets?

      And I’d like to see a link proof backing up that 10 million units number, which is almost impossible to believe.

  • adolflow

    Too bad for all those disgusted by the size, I’m looking forward to it myself and this just means more phones for us! Hopefully they don’t sell out so fast this time…

    • Me Ted

      Don’t worry. The disgust is generally limited to the comments section in here. Like the Note, this will sell very well.

  • ChrisPollard77

    If they do bring this to market, there will certainly be a smaller version to go along with it. I love the size of my N4 and my wife’s N5 is fantastic. I’ve had my hands around things like the G Flex that push that 6 inch mark … and it’s just a bit too much – and I have big hands. Time for a “Nexus Mini” line?

  • Anaron

    I’ll pass. My OnePlus One is already pushing it at 5.5″. I can’t see myself using a 5.92″ device, even if it has a Snapdragon 805 processor and a 1440p display.

  • spammenotdisqus

    I’m about to buy a Note 4, so they have until the Note 4 release date to announce this!

  • Arthur

    Kind of glad I ordered my OPO

  • jay

    6 inch lol more in the 5.1 range. Nexus X sound good

  • jonnny

    dont need it. i have a nexus 5. only complaint is the camera sucks at focusing.

  • Gino Jongenelen

    Why should they implement hardware-buttons? Am I the only one who thinks that’s odd?

  • satori3000

    I doubt their marketing folks are reading this thread, but I wonder if this will be the first Nexus disaster. They’re going to need to price drop this to move these things. A screen larger than 5 inches is not really an option for me, and the pundits that have been pushing phablets haven’t talked to *anyone* I know.

  • Gagz

    Why they’re going bigger and bigger like people but phones for watching videos only or they have eyesight problems, Samsung started it all and now even apple followed the rest. Someone should also come out with small phone with top notch specs,classy looks
    Please some good designer listen.

  • Deathdearth

    6″ huh …hope it has 0 bezel then .Oh and make mine non-bending please

  • Moosen

    5.9″ screen. Terrible news

    • Khalil J

      Agreed, such a radical jump in size. Disappointed at present, here’s to hoping…

  • Adam Schrader

    Oh please don’t let this be a 6″ phone, I am waiting patiently to buy this new phone as my next upgrade but may think twice if it is this big…

  • Lt_Dan

    I’m just waiting for the Nexus 5 price to drop so I can pick one up for cheap. It’ll be a nice upgrade from my S3.

  • John W

    Really hope the rumor is wrong or that there’s going to be a smaller version available. I don’t think I’d want anything that isn’t pocketable and the N5 I have now is pushing the limits.

  • jones19876

    Yes, but will it bend?

    Also, not a fan of phablets, my current Nexus 5 is fine but I’m not going with anything bigger than that.

  • Shaun

    Noooooo, well I guess Ill be keeping my N5. 5″ screen is perfect, anything over is too big…Bad call guys

  • jhnsmth

    Seems the article is a leap of faith if you’re contemplating actually believing it. Seems more like a click/for hits article if anything. I’m talking about 9-5 here, as for Mobilesyrup floating more rumors from “collaborated sources” from this site, not doing anyone favors besides generating page hits yourselves.

  • Jean-Francois Bélanger

    Well it make sense that Google would want a bigger phone considering the popularity of the Note for example. But since it is a developer phone, it would make no sense if Google did not prepare a smaller version as well (the rumored 5.2). Time will tell but I’m sure we will see a leak with a smaller screen soon.

  • wes

    Totally buying this if the price is less than 400$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I want a NEXUS PHABLET!!!!!!!! to go with my Moto G when I need to go light.

  • Ghost0911

    It will definitely not be a 5.92” screen unless they are going to release more than one nexus phone. 100% GUARANTEED! At the very least they will keep the Nexus 5 in play, but my $ is on one phone with a 5.2” screen.

  • ammanerz

    I hope they sell 2 phones then if the 6″ is right.
    This nexus 6, and a rebranded 2014 moto (nexus) x.
    … then again they might see moto E and moto G as already being available for the low-cost, decent specs phone market.
    Meanwhile the low cost-high end phones aren’t available en masse, especially outside of east Asia. So maybe they’re looking to fill that void.

  • PT

    5.92-inch Nexus? This is getting silly.

  • tedstriker3

    I am dissapoint. A 6 inch nexus is too big. I fear I might go iPhone 6 if this is the case.

  • N00bicals

    If it is 6 inches I’m switching to iPhone for my next phone. I’m not interested in 5+ inch phones.

  • Danny

    Please don’t do this, Moto X devices look like crap