MediaTek announces new MediaTek Labs developer program

MediaTek today announced the launch of its very own developer program. Dubbed MediaTek Labs, the program aims to facilitate the creation of wearable and internet-connected devices by offering tools and support to developers and manufacturers.

The MediaTek Labs initiative features the company’s own LinkIt platform, which costs $79 USD, and is based on the company’s MediaTek Aster SoC. LinkIt was announced earlier this year as a developer platform designed to accelerate the wearable and IoT industries. As such, the Aster SoC is absolutely tiny — it measures just 5.4 x 6.2 mm — and integrates an ARM7EJ-S CPU as well as support for 4MB of RAM, 4MB of storage, Bluetooth 4.0, and screen resolutions up to 320×240 pixels.

MediaTek Labs includes a Solutions Catalog for developers to share information on their work as well as support in the form of SDKs, HDKs, FAQs, forums, and free technical support for developers with work in the Solutions Catalog.

MediaTek is hoping the combination of LinkIt and its new labs program will open up opportunities for hobbyists and students as well as professional developers and boost the wearable and IoT segments. Registration for MediaTek Labs is free, though it’s not immediately clear if members will be able to take advantage of all parts of the program free of charge.