Samsung teases Note fans with promo for the Note 4


  • southerndinner

    Please don’t source BGR. Find a better one. They are the worst tech website in the world which is very hard to be with Engadgets of the world out there too.

    • Ulysses Grant

      BGR is very bias with non-Apple devices. The website should need to rename itself to iBGR.

    • Dimitri

      That’s why the only ones that go on that are Apple fans. Just like 9to5mac. If u post something about Android or Windows, they will eat u up.

    • Matt Welke

      Holy crap, I browsed them and every single article’s comment section was an Android vs. Apple warzone. So ridiculous.

  • Abdi Mohamed

    Nice Article !

    Me after viewing the advert lol!

    Me : ” I would never Imagine Samsung as a Domestic issues Mediator.”
    My therapist : “But………How does it make you Feel ?”
    Me : ……….


  • Roger

    4GB of RAM?? I like it!

    • Jmccl

      I believe there may be an error in this leak, as the 805 is still a 32-bit processor as far as I know. In fact the sourced article states 3GB of RAM.

  • Adam Reinhardt

    Uhhh that’s a Note 3…

    • Dimitri

      What are you talking about… The specs are not a Note 3 and the image on the link is a Note 3 but do u really think Samsung would put the image of the Note 4 before releasing it?. Think…

    • Plazmic Flame

      You are right, the device used in the video is a Note 3, the article makes mention of this. Of course they wouldn’t want to use a Note 4 right now and give away the design which is what they’ll want to talk about at the announcement.

    • Liquid Snake

      Uhhh that’s a Samsung…Lol