Samsung Note 4 specs leak ahead of September 3 unveiling


  • Dimitri

    I loved the Note 3 when i got it last October. Might end up buying this instead of the iPhone 6 or whatever it will be called.

    So far the specs are a killer. Just want to see the final design and the battery!

    • GuyM

      IPhone 6 with his 980 résolution compare to 1440… Hummm

    • marorun1982

      Yeah but its an iPhone only the name make it better ( Sarcarsm )

  • Kevin Ye

    3 Quad core processors??? Crazy!

    • Dimitri

      No.. If you look at the picture, i has 2 different model numbers beside the processors.

      It means there will be either 2-3 different models offering different processors.

    • Kevin Ye

      Oh, true true, my bad XD

    • Richard Bonnell

      It means 2 variant, the LTE enabled Qualcom (Quad core), or the Exynos Octocore (this the other 2 quad cores listed).

  • ronnnyraygun1

    Boner. Take my money.

    • Vivica

      Best comment EVER.

  • Evan Hindra

    Phone prices in Indonesia tend to be much higher than Canadian outright prices. Though there’s a good chance you’re buying an unlocked devices.

    Having said that, this is unusually high; but I suspect Indonesian banks & carriers will do some type of financing deals, and special pre-paid bundles. They’ll get some type of instant rebates (usually equivalent to $100-150 off).

    I should also add, this is likely to be the Exynos model. AFAIK, Samsung only sells Exynos devices in Indonesia.

  • Andrew English

    Samsung still could surprise us all and release the Note 4 with different specs than the ones that are being leaked out. 🙂

  • EP_2012

    $900 would be insane!

    • Dimitri

      $900 is insane but people are spending that much for a 64GB iPhone… So those people are insane as well. Lol.

    • Miles

      Yes they are, but regardless what those people do, this is still insane. I don’t see the point in always bringing Apple into the discussion.

    • Dimitri

      What other cellphone in North America costs $899 or $919 in Apple’s iPhone 5S 64GB model.? That’s the only one in North America from what i have seen and know.. Unless someone can provide another cellphone which costs that much, Apple will be brought up as a comparison.

    • EP_2012

      Bell is still selling the Note 3 for $800! WTF is going on here?

      I paid $700 for my Note 2 when it came out and I’m prepared to spend that much on a Note 4, but asking much more above that is crazy.

    • Dimitri

      You can always price match if another carrier is selling it for Lower. Also BB or FS might be selling it lower then that.

    • EP_2012

      I got mine from Expansis and it was an unlocked, international version. Not sure if I’ll go with them again – really depends if Sammy region locks the Note 4. If they do, I might be better off getting it from a local retailer like FS.

    • marorun1982

      Note 3 is 750 at Telus..

    • EP_2012

      Unless it drops to $499 soon, I don’t think we’ll see a note 4 for under $850.

    • Miles

      Why even compare, they’re both insane. That’s all. Stop trying to justify the 900$ price point for this device.

    • Dimitri

      When choosing a device, you compare the specs and the prices. That’s how it works. Maybe in u don’t but most people compare prices on each device.

    • d a

      You don’t seem to be getting his point. When an item is priced stupidly high, there’s no point in comparing specs or anything else. Exaggerating to make the point, that’s why I couldn’t care less what the specs of the latest Ferrari or Lamborghini are. Not that I couldn’t afford any phone out there but at $900 I’d feel like a fool/fanboy buying one.

    • marorun1982

      Unless its a need.
      I have client who get full priced htc one m8 with a 150$ 128 gb card..
      He wanted to have the most space possible.
      32 gb + 128 gb was the biggest possible.

    • alphs22

      Dimitri is a troll whose only goal is to make Apple look bad without offering anything of value. Give his posts a shrug.

    • Dimitri

      Really?. Is someone assuming someone else’s life without knowing anything about them?. Who’s the troll. Grow up kid.

    • marorun1982

      Alphs22 love to troll others 🙂 we do troll each others on various occasion!

    • alphs22

      You want to tell me you don’t post with an agenda against Apple?

      Come on now.

    • Omis

      Lol no kidding. Just look at his post history. Barely a post that doesn’t mention iPhone or Apple in a negative way.

    • marorun1982

      You can get a Z2 unlock for 750$ + 150$ for a 128 gb SD annd you are now at 900$ … Much better value than an iPhone on the others hand.

    • ronnnyraygun1

      $900 sure is expensive. But I look at it this way… I have a $1500 laptop that doesn’t get as close to as much usage as my current Note 2. This thing is with me just about every waking minute, even when i’m on the can. So value wise, it’s worth it.

    • EP_2012

      That’s what I tell my wife, but $900 is $900!!

      My Note 2 has become my most used device ever. When I was bedridden, I could work completely from my smartphone and it did just about everything I needed it to do.

      The Note 4 will be a nice upgrade, especially in the camera department, but I really didn’t expect to pay more than $700 or so…. crossing my fingers that it won’t be $900 when it hits the stores.

    • GuyM

      Juste sait 2-3 month and Price will drop as ever. They will surely push the note edge to

    • EP_2012

      Yeah, but I’d rather have it for Oct/Nov/Dec… some great life events happen during those months and I’d rather have 4k video and a beast camera to record those moments 🙂

    • GuyM

      I’ll wait a little, I wanna see the Edge version and see analyse if I get the exynos version or the snapdragon to ! 🙂

  • Iz3man

    Looks good, add waterproofing and I’ll be there with a wallet full of cash to be emptied…

    I really like the note… Wonder if this is how apple fans feel.

    • ronnnyraygun1

      I think Apple fans are still reveling in their added row of icons.

    • GuyM

      just tell me where, I’ll be there to help them emptied your wallet ! 🙂

    • marorun1982

      Yes thats how they feel mostly…
      Difference is Note do have much more function and versatility ( beside not been very versatile to be put in Pocket lol )

    • anony

      The Note is for a suit pocket, which it fits in just fine.

    • marorun1982

      Not everyone want to wear a suit 🙂


    It kills me the Alpha has no micro sd card support and a puny battery, I can live with the screen at 720p. I thinks it beautiful (like Jane) but if the note 4 has the same aluminum bezel as the Alpha……….>>>>>throws money at Samsung!

  • MasoudKhan

    Note 3 did not have a 16GB version. How come we see it in Note 4?

    Does not seem very accurate!

    • marorun1982

      Because Samsung love to sell you 16 gb versions…

  • Civuck

    Only MHL 2.0 is surprising for a phone that shoots 4K video. That was a limitation for the Note 3 which also shoots 4K. Even the Sony Z2 has MHL 3.0 for 4K video playback support on a 4K display.

    • marorun1982

      Yeah but its better to use cheaper part to make more margin on each phone.. Dont worry wont stop ppl from getting it.

  • Stephen White

    If this had waterproofing, I would update early from my Note 3. As it is, I think i’ll skip this generation and wait for the Note 5 in 2015, or a Nexus Phablet.

  • d a

    Nope, if that’s it I’ll probably stick with my note 2. Now if the camera had a decent sensor size and battery was 5000mah or more then I’d have a hard time resisting. Oh, and get real, $900? No thanks. If that price is real I would just change my whole way of doing things and go with the oneplusOne when/if it becomes available in a serious way.

    • Gurpreet Singh

      I’ve been waiting for the OnePlus One for months, still don’t have it. If you really want a good phone, go for the Oppo Find 7. It’s a little more expensive but worth it

  • Collin dubya


  • Abdi Mohamed

    looks good so far !!!
    Prob look for 64 GB version to import.

  • nthrsn

    Sooo… T-Mobile/Wind variant in the future or nah?

  • da sh*t, is this real? slay me now, Samsung.

  • Maulidin Ag

    When you choose a phone, make sure that its brother doesn’t come a week later…

  • DOmega


  • Roger

    I doubt it will be $900 for a 32GB version. With an expandable microSD slot, I’d be okay with a 16GB version, unlike some others. Having said that, I’d probably go for the rumoured Nexus 6 if it comes with improvements in camera and battery department.

  • pcasmiro

    Shut up and take my money.

  • ToniCipriani

    Let me see… still region locked?

  • deltatux

    So this spec sheet is telling me that, this won’t work on anything else except the big 3’s network…

  • jay

    The note 4 will be awesome again year after year. However the price is aways the deal breaker for me. Don’t care about the money but an iPhone I can resell it after a year with no problem for a good price.