Dropcam 2.6 for Android gains new camera controls and location awareness

Dropcam’s CEO once told me that it is a technology company that makes hardware. Looking at this Android update today, I understand that assertion completely.

Though the company recently unveiled Dropcam Pro, a higher-resolution cloud security camera, it’s in the software that the innovation keeps happening. With Dropcam for Android 2.6, the interface is easier to navigate, with a slide-out for the various elements.

Dropcam now allows users to rewind 30 seconds with an appropriate subscription, useful for reviewing all footage and not just that in which movement is detected. The app is also now aware of your location and can turn off movement notifications when your phone is home. This is useful for a number of reasons, but mainly because the company found many customers were using Dropcam as a nanny cam of sorts, pointing inwards rather than out.

One of the more interesting sections of the app, Featured Cameras, has now been renamed Live Demos, and can be added to a “feed” or sorts by following them and having them show up on your home screen.

It looks like the app creators haven’t yet updated the description — it’s still showing 2.5.4 in the Play Store listings — but I received version 2.6 when downloading.

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