Chromecast pops up on TeamBuy for $51 (taxes and shipping included)


  • Joe

    “However, this is $39 is inclusive of taxes, but ”

    Does anyone proof read this stuff??

    • Bentley

      I’m considering taking up grammar correction as a hobby. Can you tell me how’s it going for you so far?

    • Philosoraptor

      Right, news articles shouldn’t be proof-read. #$%^ grammar!!

    • Bentley

      Touché, plus your username is awesome.

    • Balls O’Steele

      I’d rather get the netgear Ptv3000. At least it does direct mirroring from my nexus 5, instead of chromecast that only works for specific apps

    • wahwah

      No, it seems as though they just copy and paste from other news aggregates instead of writing articles of their own. They claim that is untrue, yet you see it several times per week… So..

  • Salinger

    It’s been available on from a Market seller for sometime now for $50.99/ no tax, free shipping; essentially the same price except it’s not a time-limited offer and you have the protection of Amazon should there be a problem.

  • Hungrier

    If you want to see how shady the quoted savings on this deal are, check out the Q&A on the TeamBuy page. Someone asked where they got the $60 value, since the regular price is $35, and someone else pointed out that Amazon ca has it for $51 with free shipping. A representative from TeamBuy then posted “Hello, the prices and values listed here are always based on the MSRP” and closed the thread. What MSRP?

    • Josh Brown

      So what are they basing the $60 saving off of? If there is no msrp for Canada. Amazon.can is cheaper than their price.

    • Hungrier

      They’re advertising it as $21 off of a regular price of $60, but that regular price doesn’t actually exist anywhere. If they provided some information about where they got the price, it could be justifiable, but the product link on the Teambuy page just goes back to Teambuy.

    • Hungrier

      There are actually laws regarding advertising a sale that shows a “regular” price that the product isn’t actually priced at (spoiler: it’s illegal). I’m not a lawyer, though, so I don’t know how, if at all, that would apply to this situation.

      Anyway that’s all beside the point, as you can see on review sites like sitejabber that there are lots of other reasons not to deal with TeamBuy.

    • KiwiBri

      thanks for the heads up 🙂

  • Ken K.

    Best. Dongle. Ever.

    • Josh Brown

      Yes showbox plus avia or bubbleupnp is amazing.

    • d a

      I have 2 of them from the U.S. and can tell you this, compared to an Android tv box/stick, the chromecast is a JOKE! Until more apps are made to work with chromecast they’re useless, even with showbox etc.

  • Guest

    Best. Dongle Ever.

  • Josh Brown

    I used to us a mk808 but now that apps like avia and bubbleupnp are out, I am all about chromecast.

    • d a

      I don’t quite see how you could think chromecast is better than your mk808 which can do so much more. XBMC alone on your mk808 smoke the chromecast. Assuming you put it on your box. Even without that, there’s several things the mk808 can do that the chromecast can’t and nothing the chromecast can do that the mk808 can’t.

    • Josh Brown

      I love my mk808, don’t get me wrong. But the chromecast is so much easier to use. My phone is always in my hand. I don’t need to use apps on the tv , just play my media. What can xbmc do that I can’t do on my phone with chromecast.

  • Samuel

    Can someone please explain what this service is? Is it like netflix? Is it a tv streaming service? Thank you

    • MXM4K

      It’s not a service, just a streaming device/player. It can only connect via wifi. It’s controlled via a computer with Chrome, or an Android or iOS device, it can play Youtube, Netflix, Google Play by default.

      Recently, Google opened up the sdk that allows anybody to make apps that are compatible with the Chromecast. Biggest advantage of the Chromecast is how inexpensive it is compared to Roku, WDTV Live, AppleTV, and most other streaming top box solutions.

    • spicygarage

      It’s kinda like AppleTV for Android devices.

    • d a

      Not, Android tv boxes are like AppleTv. Chromecast is silly, so far, until more apps are made that work with it.

    • Josh Brown

      What else do you want it plays all your movies and TV shows. I love that it is simple. No keyboards no mouse just hit the chromecast button and bam you are playing.

  • Lazardus

    Got mine from Craigslist for $45. Saved me the trip to the States!

  • Arshad Kazi

    If anyone wants one, I have an extra and I’ll sell it for $50 INCLUDING tax.

    • KiwiBri

      I’m interested ping me back..

    • Arshad Kazi

      How do I ping you?

    • KiwiBri

      twitter? Check my discuss profile.. otherwise e-mail me at psxp yahoo com