Evomail+ aims to be the best email client for iOS

There is no shortage of great email clients for iOS; even the built-in Mail app is pretty usable. Google, Yahoo, Microsoft all have their own versions, too, but some, like Gmail, are just plain slow.

Evomail began its life as a third-party Gmail client, but with Evomail+ the company has moved into the comfortable world of “one size fits all.” Supporting Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud and general IMAP, the team took a good look at what worked from the early version — a flat design, great gesture support, easy navigation — and improved upon it.

What we have is Evomail+, a separate (though still free) app that still uses gestures, but adds a sense dynamism by incorporating hold-to-activate sequences for a variety of popular commands. A single blue button controls much of the app’s navigation, exposing as much of the content as possible.

But the most interesting feature is something users can’t see: EvoCloud is a back-end infrastructure the company designed to improve the reliability of push notifications, incorporate cloud storage services like Dropbox for attachment saving, and reduces the occurrence of bugs by 80%.

Like Mailbox, Evomail+ connects to Dropbox for quick access to documents and photos, but this version adds Box support as well. EvoCloud makes searching an extensive Gmail archive easier, too.

As for how the app performs, I can see this taking over the official Gmail app as my go-to mail client on the iPhone and iPad. Not only is it faster to open and quicker to navigate, but with alias support I can mimic many of the official app’s functions while cutting down wait times by nearly half.

Evomail+ supports background syncing in iOS 7, and conforms to Apple’s new dynamic text APIs. The company also has an Android app that recently received a bit of an update, with promises of more to come.

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