Samsung introduces its Smart Home initiative, allows you to manage the home from any device

In 2012 Samsung unveiled a Wi-Fi enabled front-loading washer and dryer that gave its buyers the power to control laundry from an Android smartphone. This year at CES 2014, Samsung has more plans to augment the house with technology.

The company has announced Samsung Smart Home, a full service that allows you to manage Smart TVs, home appliances and smartphones “through a single integrated platform.” This initiative expands past Samsung and includes the entry of third party players, which will help achieve “its vision for a connected world.”

The tagline will be “Smart Living and Beyond” and encompasses three main features: Device Control helps you manage your home from anywhere with any device; Home View taps into the built-in cameras in your appliances — like a fridge or stove — to see a real-time view of what’s happening; and Smart Customer Service notifies users when it’s time to service.

The app, ecosystem and Samsung Smart Home brand will be shown off at CES 2014 this week (Samsung’s keynote is happening on Monday afternoon) and the company will bring this to market in the first half of 2014.


Source: Samsung Tomorrow
Via: Engadget