Samsung introduces its Smart Home initiative, allows you to manage the home from any device


  • Tom Adams

    This ecosystem has the ability to be so much more appealing than the media consumption ecosystem apple has setup. I would love to have an easily accessible home control system and samsung basically makes everything so they could do it

    • cartfan88

      But when Apple designs a washer and dryer it will clean ‘just right’ and their washer will have access to a bigger app ecosystem so it will be a 10/10…sarcasm intended.

  • beyond

    dream on Samsung, this will never see light of day, not yet anyway, people have been talking about stuff like this for decades. And they will talk decades more about it.

    • Igor Magun

      There’s nothing impossible about it, Samsung has all the pieces in place. They’ve been building connected appliances for a while now, they just need to bring it together with the right software. And as the article says, it will be on the market in the first half of 2014.

      The only real problem is this would require you to replace all of your appliances with Samsung ones, unless they introduce compatibility with other brands – which I doubt they will. And I’m not about to splurge thousands of dollars on new appliances just for this kind of convenience.

  • MobileRoamer

    Here we are again, Sammy hard at work innovating till it’s last breath. If there is one company that can do this, it’s Samsung. Nobody and I truly mean NOBODY has the product line up of industry leading quality to make this happen. This is where you really see how other companies are truly lacking in product diversity to a behemoth that is Samsung.

    • cartfan88

      …but my tablet less than 2 years old is stuck on ICS.

  • Dave Grant

    Really hoping they open this up to developers, as well as support existing standards like zwave, zigbee, x10 etc.