Android set to take on the in-car dash with reported Audi deal

Android is set to enter the car paradise by the dashboard light.

According to a WSJ report, Google and Audi have cemented a deal that will see the automobile manufacturer include an Android-powered dash to facilitate entertainment, navigation and voice controls. The deal is expected to be announced next week at CES, and will be the first official expansion into the car for Google.

Android has long been considered a good fit for the auto industry, as it was designed to be very extensible, with support for multiple screen resolutions and UI designs. Whether Audi will create its own UI or engage another OEM to do so remains to be seen, but Android in its current state is in a good position to rival Apple in the car dash space.

Last year, Apple launched iOS in the Car, a certification process that allows customers to interact with their iPhones via Siri with dash or wheel-based controls. iOS 7 also saw the ability for Apple’s mobile OS to provide on-screen navigation with a limited UI, in addition to controlling music and making phone calls. The Android equivalent is expected to perform similar functions.

Google Now, which was recently updated to include results from within apps, has the potential to be quite effective in the car. With accurate voice recognition and a superior navigation product, it will be interesting to see what Android in the Car looks like.