LastPass launches new mobile apps for premium customers on iOS and Android

LastPass, one of the most popular password managers for browsers, iOS and Android, has updated its product suite to version 3.0, bringing a revamped design and new features to those willing to spend $12/year on a premium version of the service.

The new apps are essentially browsers that hook into the service, allowing users to quickly access saved websites that may have multiple entries or long passwords. While many of the service’s improvements revolve around the Chrome extension, which has a much cleaner, more intuitive design, the Android app has also received a nice visual overhaul — it hadn’t seen a spit shine since the days of Android 1.6. Its multi-tab browser has a dual-function search bar that finds Google entries as well as saved usernames and passwords from oft-visited pages.

The iOS app hasn’t been redesigned so much as improved, with a similar multi-tab experience, “clickable” icons and better search, according to the app’s update listing. These clickable icons allow users to tap on an input field, such as a username or password box, to reveal the possible listings stored in one’s LastPass Vault.

LastPass is a service I happy pay for, as I use it every day within Chrome, and with these updates I’ll likely use it more often on mobile, too.

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