Maxthon returns to its Internet Explorer roots, releases Windows Phone browser

Almost every major desktop browser has found a new home on mobile devices. Chrome came to Android and iOS, albeit well after the establishment of both mobile operating systems; Opera has been the de facto “lite” browser for years, and has since turned to WebKit; Safari is the most-used browser on the mobile internet, thanks to the proliferation of iOS devices; and Firefox is not only a fully-formed Android browser, but its own mobile operating system for entry-level devices.

Add Maxthon to that list. The once-derivative of Internet Explorer has made a new place for itself on Android and iOS, using its huge embedded desktop audience (it’s one of the biggest browsers in China) to make waves on mobile. The company recently added multi-platform sync, much like Chrome, Firefox and, most recently, Safari, to backup settings, bookmarks and add-ons, and is now moving to another platform in Windows Phone.

The app appears to be heavy on Windows Phone DNA, with support for per-webpage Live Tiles and a tab UI that resembles Microsoft’s own multitasking menu. While users will likely be attracted to Maxthon if already using it on another platform, it appears to be a step above stock IE in terms of features.

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