Feedly 17 for Android brings faster startup speeds, KitKat support (Update)


  • mmmGadgets

    Should I replace Google Currents with Feely? Any thoughts?

  • Unorthodox

    Aaand it’s down today’s fine morning.

  • MrGreen72

    Runs like absolute crap on my S3. It even crashed.

    Time to look at an alternative I guess.

    I used to love Flipboard but it’s a little overkill and lacks Feedly’s ability to swipe to the next article even when looking at the original.

    Edit: Seems to run better after the crash… We’ll see.

  • TomsDisqusted

    The Feedly app has a huge flaw – it sacrafices good user experience in order to keep you trapped in their app. If you prefer to do it the normal way – read articles in the browser of your choice – you have to take an extra step and load everything twice, which is frustrating and wasteful.

    • MrGreen72

      Going back and forth between the browser and the reader is a good user experience to you?

      Being “trapped” in the reader is precisely what I want. I can browse the articles seamlessly even in their native format. It’s not like the html rendering is flawed or anything. Why do you insist on reading articles in the browser anyway?

    • TomsDisqusted

      In Android, that going back and forth is seamless – that’s why most readers (e.g. the defunct Google Reader) did it the way I’m suggesting and this is a top request by users.

      Feedly doesn’t do it the way reader want because they add their own adds over top of the web pages.

      Why is my browser choice better for me, e.g. it has me logged in so I can leave comments on sites like this.

    • MrGreen72

      What I mean is simply swiping to the next article even if displayed in its native format. Feedly does that, gReader does that. Press and Flipboard don’t, which is a deal breaker for me.

      Feedly doesn’t have ads overlays.

      Staying logged in on web sites to comment is a fair point. I simply press the “open in browser” button when I want to. Of course it would be annoying if you’re gonna do that on every article but I don’t do it often enough for it to bother me.

    • TomsDisqusted

      I’ve only seen the ad overlays recently – I’m guessing it is something they are experimenting with. Or I guess its possible that I mistook a site’s ads for feedly ads, but I don’t think so.

  • Chris Lau

    I like Feedly’s interface, but agree with posters below. It’s hard to navigate pages to chrome from feedly. you’re stuck in that app.