Oppo N1 boasts 5.9-inch 1080p display, 13MP camera and CyanogenMOD option


  • vn33

    Cyanogen MOD offered ?
    I’m interested !!

  • Rhett H

    The swivel camera is a great feature, take photos of the same quality. More OEMs should be looking to adopt this, of course most haven’t because it was likely add quite a bit of cost.

  • Nikesh Patel

    This is actually a crazy smart idea. Not sure if it’s been done before but it’s one of those ideas that make you think “this should be a common thing.

    • Nikesh Patel

      The camera is what u am talking about

    • Gagan Mohal

      this is old idea, first used by Nokia 3250 then nokia 5700.

    • Robin Mitchell Wakerell

      Not really the same idea, Nokia’s design exists on a swivel where as Oppo’s exists on a hinge.
      With Nokia, you were turning the whole bottom third of the phone, where as this is just as subtle as one tiny part being hinged.
      Also the technology was in regular symbian cell phones, where as this is being implemented into a high class superphone.

      Phone does look amazing though, would love to see this hit the market here.

  • Houli

    I want one now.

  • FKnm

    There is also touch-surface on back side of the phone. that should amaze.

    • S2556

      Reminds me of the rear touch pad on the Motorola backflip years ago. Almost bought that phone because of it

  • Martin Chan

    I like the design. Don’t know if it’s the shots they used but I like it. If it’s the right price, upgrade time!

  • Nadefrenzy

    Wow looks amazing except perhaps the CPU, lower ram and somewhat too large a screen.

  • phreezerburn

    That’s a brilliant idea for the camera. In bright conditions I could see where adjusting to look down on the screen would be a huge asset.

  • Super_Deluxe


  • sbosnell

    Like everything I see about it. I like the large screen, the camera looks great. I’m not a processor w***e, so don’t care it’s not “latest gen”. Massive battery too. Looks like a pretty killer device, especially if the XDA developers get behind it!

  • Humberto Giambrone

    Interesting innovation in this phone. There are issues that will prevent me from getting it, but I like what they are doing.

  • D.Kim

    how much?

    • Canucks

      That’s my question as well.

  • Anaron

    The design isn’t bad and the swivel camera looks interesting. Can someone translate the specs? I went to their site and I only understood the numbers.

  • PT

    Does this phone comes with a build in spy app?

  • ActivesiN

    awesome phone, although 5.9″ is too big for me.
    I hope they make a 5″ version later, that camera is a real innovation