WIND launches BlackBerry Q5 and Sony Xperia ZL


  • JB

    629 seems a bit high for the ZL. But both phones are very good smartphones. Nice job Wind!

    • Lucas

      agreed. I quite like the small form factor of the zl (while still having a 5″ screen) but it’s about a year old and the next gen sony phone (Z1) was released already, so anything over $550 is too much.

  • Walter

    I got a ZL for under $400 on kijiji. Its a great phone. I recommend it.

    • Bri

      How is the battery? Any shutting down/connectivity/lag issues?

    • Walter

      Even though the ZL and the Nexus 4 have the same internals, I find battery life on the ZL to be way better than the Nexus 4 especially if you install Qualcomm’s battery management app from the app store. I have zero shutdown issues or connectivity problems. I lied, my device has a weak Wi-Fi radio. I don’t know if its my router or the phone itself. But I can’t find that issue anywhere. If you buy the ZL unlocked on Kijiji like I did then you need to manually put in Wind’s connectivity addresses. But that is real easy to do. The camera is on par with most 8MP camera’s even though its 13MP. Lastly the viewing angles are the worst of all the 5 inch smart phone I have tried.

      However if your looking dead on the screen is amazing. Netflix and Real Racing 3 look awesome. IMHO the sound on this phone is second only to the HTC One. The SD card is nice to have. I find Sony’s app usefull. The album app is great and there is a online photo/video cloud app like photobucket. Sony is also constantly updating the ZL and there are rumors that Sony will put 4.3 on the ZL. Sony hasn’t skinned the hell out of Android so the phone is real smooth.

      Mobiletechreveiw on youtube has the best review of the phjone next to of course.

  • Mlads

    I don’t care if the argument is Google has deeper pockets etc. etc., the Nexus 4 was $249 outright, and Wind / BB want $399 for a Q5 haha, get real.

    • Anaron

      I think the BlackBerry Q5 is overpriced but to be fair, the Nexus 4 is sold out. It’s doubtful that they’ll restock it.

  • southerndinner

    Q5 is garbage and overpriced

    • JB

      I remember when I had my first beer.

  • Jérémy Letendre-Côté

    Why does Koodo stay away from Sony, I wish we Could have sony, and other phones with Koodo…

    • Walter

      Find one on Kijiji unlocked

  • abcd

    Alright, I bought Xperia zl thru mobilicity. Can I switch in to wind now? Is there anything I should look out for? Plz reply

    • Walter

      You might need to have it unlocked. But it will work. I believe mine was a Bell phone but works on wind now.

    • Anaron

      Any phone from Mobilicity is compatible with WIND’s network. The only thing that won’t make it work is a sim lock. This isn’t a problem for factory unlocked devices like the Google Nexus S which Mobilicity used to carry. For other phones, you’ll need to unlock it before using it with WIND.