Anti-Fair for Canada sites arrive online, urges Canadians to participate against Robellus

By now you’ve heard of the Rogers, Bell and TELUSFair 4 Canada” ad campaign that highlights Canadian jobs, price plans and networks. Much of this has to do with New York-based Verizon Wireless potentially buying up WIND Mobile or Mobilicity, then participating and purchasing spectrum in the upcoming auction. Verizon’s entry into Canada is not confirmed, but the Big 3 are ensuring the government understands their opinion of ‘having a level playing field’ are heard.

A couple new websites have popped up that counter Rogers, Bell and TELUS’ viewpoint. One started by grassroots agency Open Media and the other from unknown ‘Canadian Consumers.’ The sites – Four4Canada and RealFairforCanada – both give polar opposite examples of what Robellus is stating, specifically that most Canadians feel ‘ripped off’ when it comes to their high wireless bills and that they own a combined 90% of the wireless spectrum in Canada.

The sites want Canadians to participate by letting others know of their wireless horror stories, plus encourages all to write an email to Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

Source: Four4Canada, RealFariforCanada
Via: Twitter