The new Rogers $15 “Connection Fee” starts today


  • Nathaniel James

    As if rogers wasnt expensive enough

  • Tony Sarju

    The previous article on this states it is still a $45 charge, where did $15 come from? Did they change the fee between then and now?

  • hyperhyper

    Methinks you doth protest too much Rogers.

  • Peter

    I still don’t understand how, as a willing and paying customer, they think we need to pay a $15 administrative fee, when we’ll be paying through the arse for 3 years. (Or $35, depending on the carrier).

    • alphs22

      Plenty of carriers have $0 activation fees.

      You don’t have to use Rogers.

    • Darth Paton

      And I still don’t understand why in spite of all this crap Rogers throws at its customers, they all choose to stay with them. I see people ranting up and down about how Rogers is evil, expensive, and how they are taking advantage of the capitalist system. The reason Rogers charges these fees is because no matter what they do, everybody seems willing and able to shovel out money to pay their ridiculous rates. If you don’t want your Wallet fisted by Rogers, join another carrier!!! Yes, you may have to give up the odd phone, but you won’t go bankrupt after sending out a couple text messages.

  • jackjiarocks


  • trickster_qc

    so we have to pay 15$ in order to have price matching and the option to buy protection support for our devices?

    Rogers must have had nothing to say to promote this 15$ fee to come up with this bullshit.

  • AllanVS

    WTF is wrong with you people? The way I see it is this: THEY ARE REDUCING THE FEE BY $20. They are not adding $20, but REMOVING it. That means … you save. You can go out to dinner after buying a phone, with the saving. Yeesh you people are looking that gift horse in the mouth eh?

    • Tony Sarju

      I think you’re missing the point. The fact that a $35 fee was charged in the first place was ludicrous. $35 admin fee to upgrade your handset? Didn’t realize that you swapping the SIM card yourself entailed so much labour to justify the cost. The reps don’t do anything other than type in the IMEI on your account.

      Rogers is touting this to the customers as savings when the entire existence of the fee itself is a problem is what people are concerned with.

    • alphs22

      Are these fees ridiculous? Yes.

      Do you have the option to switch to other carriers that offer $0 activation fees? Yes.

      Speak with your wallet.

    • kroms


      I agree with this.

    • loconet

      Precisely this!

      Let’s see their justification for this “Connection fee”:

      > A free call to Rogers TechXpert service when activating and upgrading

      >a device. This includes onboarding help to set up voicemail, transfer

      >contacts, manage apps, and demonstrate device tips and tricks;

      “Free Call”? It’s not free, I’m paying for it. You just said so yourself! What?

      I’m paying for someone to show me device tips and tricks? Why is this not optional?

      > The Smartphone Freedom Advantage, which includes: flexibility to

      > change plans and devices, device price matching, and options to

      > purchase device support and protection;

      I’m paying for Rogers to be able to do price matching? Something that a variety of other businesses in other industries do on their own as a way to keep customers happy and potentially create new customers, yet, in The Rogers world, we have to _pay_ for the privilege? What??

      “Flexibility to change plans and devices” – What does that even mean?? Without paying a connection fee I can’t change plans nor devices?

      “options to PURCHASE support and protection” – I have to PAY first in order to have the OPTION TO PURCHASE!. Imagine if you had to pay a “drinking” fee before you could buy a coca-cola. Ridiculous.

      > – A SIM card included with your new device (and if required upon upgrade).’

      Call it by what it is. You are charging $15 for the SIM card on the new device. Why are upgrades getting this charge however?

    • HeyYoWL

      So I’m on Wind now but my wife is still on a family plan with her mother. Her old phone broke down so I was giving her my old iPhone 4. I went to a Rogers kiosk to get a new SIM card, and they were trying to sell me on this wonderful gem of a promo:

      “Right now, if you buy an extra charger we’ll activate your SIM for you”.

      Really? So I pay for an extra charger (and why would I need one again?) and you’ll type in some numbers to activate my SIM for me? That I can do easily and for free by calling in Rogers myself? What a deal!!!

      Needless to say, I plitely declined. 😛

    • alphs22

      A lot of people on MobileSyrup just like to complain about everything and anything.

  • Ken K.

    Why not just call it for what it actually is: bend-over fee.

  • loconet

    You might be right but can you tell me why you think this is BS? (disclaimer: In no way am I defending Rogers, I really really do not their business practises either).

    • hardy83


      That are they are comedic geniuses because timing is everything.

    • Canadaboy

      Because businesses look to find opportunity within legislation (as ways to generate revenue or remove competition). They will comply with the letter of the law, but seek ways to utilize or benefit from legislation as well.

      CRTC closed down some of their revenue streams, so they introduce new revenue streams to compensate. It’s just in Roger’s case they tend to be the least subtle company in the world, and perhaps it is a purposeful f-crtc comment to rename the fee with the same cost. But Rogers is acting like a rational corporate body, continuing to maneuver around legislation in order to maximize revenue.

      I don’t mind your challenge Ioconet. I’m not just rage-venting.

    • mylivespot

      Canadaboy, the article said the new fee is $15 and the old fee was $25, so it’s NOT the same cost and there is some BENEFIT for us.

      I see this change as an improvement.

    • Canadaboy

      Well, apparently they have “corrected” their mistake – I would be wrong that it’s a f-crtc move, or they thought the CRTC may actually call them on it. Look for increases in this (or additional fees) after a cooling-off period.

    • mappy4ever

      It’s on sale for limited time

    • Chris McLaughlin

      How is reducing a contract from 3 to 2 years going to benefit the “consumer”. Expect subsidized prices and service fees to increase about $240. If anything the change will benefit the carriers by increasing the speed at which customers upgrade, and reduce technical support on older devices.

  • TouchMyBox

    Oh boy, aren’t we lucky?

  • rize

    You guys think on-boarding a customer is so easy. It takes time and time cost money. The average transaction takes 30 min. It takes 5 mins to process sure, but another 5 to explain everything, then customers demand there contacts be transferred the pictures be, the new phone be set up then show them how to use it, the Bluetooth syncd, screen protector be put on, the plan be changed etc….

    This is a response to Telus charging no activation fee but charging for a $10 sim. Yes its a bit more but better than $35. Telus charges $15 for a plan change + 10 for a Sim. Rogers charges $15 for both inclusive of multiple plan changes.

    • hhero

      I used to work for TELUS and its 10 bucks for the sim IF you need to change it for example iphone 4s to iphone 5

      they dont charge you 15$ to change your plan if you upgrade or if you do it yourself on the selfserve service and fyi its for a limited time that it cost you 15$ the real price will be 35$ and if you did shop around a bit you will see that right now its the WORST TIME to buy a smartphone as all the prices are jacked up

      230 for s4 when it was 200 2 weeks ago

    • FlamesFan89

      Ever heard of “the cost of doing business?” Sure those things take time, and time costs money, but the way you lay it out, you would assume that the only opportunity for Rogers to make money from their customers is with this fee, and they make nothing on the actual device or the plan.

      The massive revenues that are brought in each year by Rogers should more than cover the costs of employing people to handle these tasks. These activation fees, connection fees, what ever you want to call them, are simply a cash grab to increase profits. The employee in the rogers store is there for his/her shift, and will get paid for that shift whether he activates or upgrades anyone that day or not. That cost to rogers is the same whether a customer comes in or not. There is not suddenly some added “time cost” the moment an employee shifts from “waiting for customer” mode to “processing an upgrade” mode.

      Activation fees (or any other name for it) is a cash grab. full stop. No hand waving and word-smithing will ever change that.

    • marorun1982

      Telus don’t charge any plan change fee if you upgrading to a new device btw

  • hunkyleepickle

    The last time I made a free call to a ‘Techxpert’, to get my unlocked American Lumia 920 in Rogers lte network, he had no idea what to do, beyond the stock android apn settings. This for a device/os they carry on their network to begin with. I figured it out with a simple google search, and told the expert how I did it. Does this mean I get my connection charge pro rated for services rendered?

  • fruvous

    Wait… I have to pay $15 to connect my already connected SIM just because I got a new device?

    • Henry

      If you have a sim and get a different phone then just put it in, no charge. If you buy the phone from them or need a new sim then yes, $15.

    • hhero

      see this is where i have a problem the 15$ charge if you upgrade your device even if you don’t need a new sim

    • Henry

      Yeah I hear ya, in that situation it is lame but still $40 cheaper than 2 months ago when I upgraded two phones.

  • dinmab

    the biggest question in my mind for the past 2 years. how is rogers still the biggest carrier in canada. imo they r the worst carrier, i want to know how they manage to get more customers, when clearly they suck. i am left with “most canadians are i****s” 😐

    PS i was with rogers for 2.5 yrs before i moved out of them for ever !!

    • alphs22

      I’m not with them myself (with Fido), but I know many people with them who have great plans by being loyal customers and renegotiating better deals with retention every contract renewal. They also offer corporate plans and discount for public sector workers.

      Taking their plans at face value – yeah they’re not so good. Completely different when you look at retentions and their special corporate deals though.

    • dinmab

      i cant speak for retention plans, but my wife has this “corporate plan”. she works in a pretty big oil company(it is not a small place). her plan is 60$ a month(company pays) comes with unlimited province calling and 500 mb data 🙂 . sure they(rogers) can have some influence on people who pick plans for a company in bulk exactly like how MSFT works. I am very curious to see their “retention” plans.

    • marorun1982

      Telus rétention plan = 45$ unlimited Canada wide and unlimited l/d to USA all options included + 100 us roaming min and unlimited international sms.

      Corporate plan = 55$ 450 min outgoing with unlimited incoming , unlimited Telus Canada wide and unlimited night and week end 17 pm to 7 am) with 6 gb of data.

      So all providers give great retention plan not only rogers lol

      There is also no fee for activation or renewals the only thing you pay is 10$ if you need a new sim.. they even throw in free training for your new phone!

    • dinmab

      so no data in telus retention plan ?

    • marorun1982

      I saw one at 55$ for unlimited Canada wide with all options and 3 gb of shared data.

    • Buffy

      Fido is owned by Rogers fyi

    • Jeremy Hodder

      Very likely as most large corporations do they lie. They are probably counting past and present customers in that

  • Henry

    I think this is great, don’t know why people are complaining.

    • kroms

      That’s right , If your ON ROGERS you should not be complaining !!!

      You deserve EVERYTHING you get. Don’t like it ?

      LEAVE !

  • ando bobando

    A year ago, I went to Futureshop and purchased a phone for my Rogers account. I switched the SIM card myself. No one from Rogers did ANYTHING, Futureshop handled the inventory and sale, and I handled moving over my SIM and contact info. Yet Rogers still charged me the $35 fee when they got wind that I had a new phone. I called them up and asked that it be refunded, since they did LITERALLY ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to deserve it. They refused. I realised that the cost to exit my contract was exactly equal to the subsidy they had given me on my new phone ($575) so I cancelled my contract after 11 years of loyalty. I’m with Koodo and I haven’t regretted it for a second!

  • kroms

    $15 ? That’s All ? Roger’s you are being too kind. $30 would be more appropriate.

  • kroms

    I don’t see anything wrong with what Rogers is doing.

    They are within there RIGHT to charge and do whatever they want. No one is forcing you to go with a Rogers plan.

    Don’t like it ? Leave. That’s what I did.

    • Tom

      I would leave if Rogers wasn’t the only provider to have any signal at the location where I work.

      If Wind propped up a tower nearby, I’d switch right away.

      But until then, I can’t just “leave” unless I want my phone to be useless during daylight hours.

    • Steve

      Try Fido. Runs on Rogers’ network, and you’d probably save a few bucks a month.

      Unless you’re getting a retention deal, or a corporate plan, then you are brain dead if you go with Rogers at full price.

    • Tom

      I actually am on Fido, haha. Their rates are undeniably “pay less for more” than full Rogers, but still a ripoff compared to Wind.

    • kroms

      Then sign up with Bell. Not because they are any better but sometimes you have to pick 1 to punish in order for things to change. If enough people left Rogers then they would be forced to rethink matters.
      Bell, Virgin, Telus , any of those should be able to provide service to you in your area. There is no way that Rogers in the ONLY provider there.

      Rogers knows they have you under a ROCK and will do Everything to keep you there.

  • LeafsFanGirl

    I don’t know why everyone is complaining. Rogers lowered it to $15 and they include a free sim card. Whether you need a new sim now or later, it’s always a good idea to take the new sim and use it later on. I have done it many times. Telus dropped their “activation fee” but charges $10 for a sim card. Like others have said, if you don’t like what Rogers have done, then leave. No one is forcing you to stay with them. Rogers have ticked me off many times, but they are the only carrier who offer refurb phones when something goes wrong with your phone. I prefer that convenience rather than sending my phone out for repairs. I have heard many horror stories where customer’s phones gets scratched up or even worse. Just my opinion.

    • Steve

      But you are paying $15 for a SIM. How is it “free”?

    • LeafsFanGirl

      You’re not paying $15 for a sim card. The $15 is a “connection fee”. I just said Rogers throws in the sim card for free. Telus charges $10 for sim cards now because they’re just making it sound better.

    • kroms

      The Connection Fee charge is BS, it cost them $0 to connect you to the Network. This is just a MONEY grab, lets just call it what it is and stop the BS. I bet you anything that EVEN IF you had a past Rogers sim card that worked on your phone they would STILL CHARGE you the $15. Its called Business 101 screw them over.

    • LeafsFanGirl

      You’re paying $15 for the “connection fee” not the sim card. The sim card is free when you do an upgrade or new activation. Rogers have given me free sim cards depending on who I get.

  • fedworker

    So Rogers is ditching the $35 activation fee (which every reseller tends to wave) and force everyone to pay $15 to activate or upgrade a phone. Surprise surprise, and I’ll bet this $15 activation fee will only apply to consumers, any of the government contracts that Public Works has with Rogers to provide cell phones to all the various federal departments won’t have to pay this $15 fee, and if they do pay it, it just goes as a credit towards their bills.

  • PT

    What about the new price for Rip Off Fee Robbert?

  • casual_confidence


  • matrik

    Ok. Let me get this straight. “We are not gonna kick u in the nuts AND face anymore. Just the face……..YOU’RE WELcome.”

  • Mr.CoolBerry

    They should call it ‘The Unhappiness Fee’

  • Grant Jeffrey

    So my connection fee gets me a call to a techxpert? So does that mean when I call in at any other time I just get a tech amateur? That actually explains a lot.

  • kroms

    I love this line…..

    ” Rogers noted in an email to us this morning that “we made these changes
    to bring our customers more value. This is not a response to the CRTC’s
    Wireless Consumer Code.”

    LMAO. Man they have some BALLS ! 🙂 So happy I got rid of everything Rogers.
    TV, Phone, Mobile, Internet. Saved $80 Mth

  • Stephen

    Now these crooks dropping their commissions recently makes more sense