Motorola inadvertently reveals details about upcoming Droid Ultra handset


  • jackjiarocks

    Am I the only one that

    Think Battery Life………………….

    • Savbers

      Motorola used to do that… I don’t know about now.

    • jackjiarocks

      2000 mAh is s**t. Frankly i doubt many cares about how “thin” it is. I would rather trade in a few useless mms for extra battery juice.

    • Dallas Arthur Fleming

      The way that users have made android nowadays doesnt require as much power, the new android platform + new hardware, lets this phone get away with a sleeker battery, you cant judge a phone by its battery size. gotta wait till it comes out to tell

  • casey

    8GB storage and 2000mAh how about nope.

  • Lukeiphone

    what a waste of production by putting a 2000 MAH battery

  • JeffNet

    If the Kevlar body means it is tough and it is inexpensive it might get some traction from kids or parents that have a kid that has already destroyed a phone.

  • Accophox

    8GB and 2000mAh is perfectly fine, if the cost of the device is in line…

  • J,K

    I have been waiting for this form quite sometime. Want to see how Google does with hardware.

  • Reckful

    Did not our wireless providers stop selling CDMA phones over a year ago?