Bell HTC Windows Phone 8X and 8S both given ‘End of Life’ status


  • Petephone

    I believe I got the last WP 8S in town 3 weeks ago after searching all retailers, THe Source had one that the clerk had to seek out after looking in their inventory computer.
    For $150.00 bucks bought outright on Virgin, for what it is, pretty sweet phone to replace my washing machine spun Lumia 710 from Rogers.

  • Rich

    This is why you don’t touch a Windows Phone.

    • Cormang


  • Cormang

    Bell is in bed with Samsung and have very little planned for Windows Phone. They refuse to sell the Nokia Lumia line of products. I’ve asked numerous Bell reps and they all say that they will never sell the Nokia Lumia products because of a “disagreement” between Bell and Nokia. Even then, they are still not pushing anything Windows Phone. They are selling high end expensive Smart Phones with little profit so they can suck their users into long term contracts. And if you do manage to find a low to mid range Android device, it’s terrible. I really don’t understand why they won’t stock something that they can sell with a profit as well as sign 1 or 2 year agreements. Bell needs to get their heads out of Samsung’s asses and realize that Samsung has them on a ride in the same way Apple does. What are they going to do when Samsung goes Tizen? They probably haven’t even thought about it…

  • Julia

    I had the 8S it was a horrible phone. And I’m not sure why but every HTC Phone I’ve had has had problems, and I’ve had 5 of them.
    If you want a Windows Phone, go Nokia.

    • Smith

      I agree with your last sentence about Nokia, but as far as HTC phones ALL being horrible, I would tend to lean more towards the user error in this case, than the phone. What the HELL did you do with all those phones!?

      And, just for the record, I had a few HTC phones myself, and all of them performed as well as expected.

    • Stephen

      HTC is garbage regardless of OS

      Source: Three HTC phones owned, three HTC phones dead in <6 months. The warranty department is awful too.

  • MXH070

    That was quick… thought windows8 phones were the fastest selling smartphone if you go by the Windows8 smartphone users. Hmmmm cone to think about it I have never seen windows8 phone in the wild only on display stands some working some not working.


      I guess you must live in Nunavut…move to the big city and you’ll see them all the time…

    • MXH070

      Well I guess Vancouver is a small city I commute to work in the skytrain mon-fri all I see are iPhone, samsung, BlackBerry and some HTC and nexus but ZERO candy colored windows8 phones.

    • saqrkh

      I see 1-2 other WP users after 6:00pm on the Northbound Yonge-University-Spadina line in Toronto — every day. The HTC 8S and Lumia 920 are the most common types.


      Most of the candy colored versions were released in the US. Rogers launched the 920 last year in black and only after 2 months of complaints released a version in yellow. If Nokia got it’s head out of it’s a*s and launched their phones with multiple carriers in Canada then you’d see the phones everywhere.

    • Cormang

      It’s not Nokia’s fault. Bell is the worst offender. There’s a “disagreement” between Bell and Nokia about the Lumia line of products. It’s pretty clear, Bell is a Samsung shop.

  • OMFCody

    Maybe Bell has it’s eyes on the HTC 8XT?

  • silver_arrow

    Another thing to note is Windows Phones have a minimum lifespan of 18 months of updates. So the 8X and 8S should receive updates until mid 2014 at least.

  • Nathaniel James

    LOL oh man, not even a full year. Disrespect

    • Cormang

      The only phone I know of that gets a full year is the iPhone, and the flagship Galaxy S series devices. The Galaxy Nexus was “end of life” 6 months after it hit Rogers.

    • Henry

      You speak the truth but I’m just gonna point out that the Galaxy Nexus still is very current with 4.2.1

    • Cormang

      It has the latest OS, but it’s slow. HTC WP’s will also receive the next major upgrade and maybe even the upgrade after that…

  • Zzz

    That was fast…

  • Martin Plamondon

    Does that mean I will not receive 8.1 for my 8X at Bell? I was still anxiously checking Phone Updates daily since it came out…

  • Matt Rundle

    I’ve a HTC 8S that i got recently i can assure you it’s nowhere near end of life so long as you do the following if you wish to keep it update to reach it’s full potential. Install Preview for Developers this will Update it from 8 to 8.1 Update latest Preview build for free the App is free to install , and the build is free. You just have to sign into App, Check for updates in your Phone Update, install all pending Updates. i If you do this you get all the features in the 8.1 version such as Cortana and the Folders on the Start Screen.