Sonim XP5560 BOLT 2 coming to Bell July 4th


  • ConsciousConsumer

    This would be great for my buddies that work on the ‘patch. Sooo much better than their brittle iPhones that they have to replace every couple of months.

    • Statingtheobvious

      I know they’re “on the patch” as you put it so we can’t expect them to be all that bright, but there’s these things called cases that protect ALL phones really really well. Perhaps you should mention it to them?
      I recommend either otter box or lifeguard (which I guess are one in the same now)…

      On second thought, these patch monkeys should prolly only be using a dumb phone if they haven’t figured that out already themselves.

    • ConsciousConsumer

      Yeah, nice assumption. They are both engineers with numerous degree’s. Not everyone that works out there is a grunt. 😉

      Those cases are good for day to day life but they don’t take the abuse that goes on out there.

    • Statingtheobvious

      Then go with a griffin survivor or ballistic hc. Waterproof and can survive a toss off a 70 story office tower. Why relegate them to a dumb phone when they could be using connectivity to assist in their daily functions.

    • ConsciousConsumer

      Great, thanks for the info.

    • Foxtrott

      A case, no matter how robust the built, will always be just that: a case. It might protect your phone from breaking the screen when dropped ( even though I dare you to put your iPhone in one of these and indeed drop it from 70 stories..) nevertheless it won’t protect any inside parts from damage or take actual submersion in water for a long time. Not everyone needs a smartphone for work and if you are out in the elements all day and all you need is connectivity via calls or PTT the Sonim is the best choice. Also the only one that has a 3 year warranty which is not too shabby…

    • Shane

      Because it supports proper push to talk (not a consumer level downloaded app) with a dedicated button, torch with dedicated button, MUCH higher volume, and has a battery that will last 8 times longer than a smartphone, and is offered as an intrinsically safe version as well.

      Oh and it’s half the price.

      What case do you know that will add all that?

      Not everyone needs a smartphone.