Rogers also giving a $25 Google Play Gift Card with HTC One purchase


  • cnoteis

    missed this one by a day (bought on Sunday). Hoping Rogers will still give me the 25 credit. – Called and they said no go…

    • Accophox

      If you’re a new subscriber, just return the phone if you’re under their buyers remorse limits.

  • KrispyInTO

    WOW one of the big 3 following directly what another one does who would of thought!

    • Mr B

      Rogers has had this on their website since Monday. It’s just that Ian decided not to report on this until two days later for some reason.

  • Frederick Edwards

    If you go via Roger’s phone sales instead of in-store you can get better deals. For example on May 30 I got it for $49 instead of $149.99, received free canada wide calling, and 50% off any calling plans for 6 months with first month free. Also received $5/month off for something I can’t recall and got free voice mail and call display.

    • Gigolo

      From where ?

    • hunkyleepickle

      the phone?

    • Henry

      I did the same thing. Reduced early upgrade fees, 2 phones for $99 each and 6 gig family Canada wide unlimited plan for $100 a month.

  • Anthony W

    I am wondering what I can buy for $25 in Google Play.