Update: PC Mobile launching Postpaid service, here’s the 3 new rate plans


  • Brandon Roberts

    I was hoping for something good. This is quite disappointing.

    • Jesse

      Yeah I was hoping for them to beat my fido 56 dollar plan..

    • barrist

      They don’t even match Koodo’s plans. Baffling.

    • Jérémy Letendre-Côté


    • Patrick

      Lol, buy a phone from PC is like buying meat at Bell. I know people that are good in everything but they are excellent in nothing 😉 Hope you will be happy to ask question about your phone the the guy who sell your meat or the lady that butt your bread under your ketchup bottle!

    • Patrick

      PC are a Bell reseller not Telus!

    • HelloCDN

      No they’re not.

    • ns.dev

      The backends (ie billing & support) are probably very different.

    • Eric Houstoun

      Actually I used to work for Bell mobility in tech support (2011) and I used to troubleshoot pc mobile calls, so last I was aware Bell handles their backend stuff for them.

    • Patrick

      It’s make no difference on the network but in the policy it is a big difference! If you have network trouble PC will use Bell tech service not Telus. In the confidentiality it is bell who get your info not Telus etc.

  • David

    Very underwhelming.

  • Roland

    100MB of data? are we living in a ASCII world????

    • vn33

      That’s a good one !

  • armyofnone

    I keep my eye on all the plans that have been coming out over the last couple of years, even the promo ones. I am yet to see a plan that would benefit me more than my current $35/month unlimited talk/text + 5GB with Wind.

    It’s funny, but every time I see yet another plan from a different company, I realize how good I have it right now. It’s a nice feeling.

    • Scott

      I am envious! We don’t have Wind coverage here…

    • armyofnone

      Fingers crossed that they will survive the current turmoil, and will be able to start aggressively expanding and densifying again a year or two from now. I live and work in GTA, so I am very well covered, but even I wouldn’t mind seeing their coverage area expand further.

  • barrist

    Horrible. Why would anyone move from any of the other “discount” carriers to this?

  • barrist

    Unless you’re locked in a contract, why not easily transfer to a Virgin plan ($45 for 400 canada wide min and 1GB)

  • Thomas C. Riddell

    No one going to beat wind data prices

    • Jérémy Letendre-Côté

      Wind is an Awesome concept, if you live in covered area, otherwise, not really worth talking about. You know, a lots of Canadians still live outside of big city’s

    • armyofnone

      Everyone who frequents these forums knows about Wind’s coverage maps. There is no need to reiterate that, in my opinion.

    • Ren596

      80% of Canada’s Population is in the Urban areas

    • Tom

      Urban areas are pretty big, and Wind doesn’t cover much beyond the city centres. E.g. the Stittsville area of Ottawa is still a “wind away” zone for the most part.

    • Carl Hall

      actually Tom, I Iive in Stittsville and it is in the home zone, Wind just hasnt updated their coverage maps

    • Thomas C. Riddell

      Well That why it works for me When I go States I use T-Mobile Sim.
      I love my Nexus 4 cause I can just pop out my wind sim and pop in another sim card and go

    • alphs22

      But everybody beats their data speeds

    • Art V.

      Except Public and Mobilicity, and all of the MVNOs. Let’s throw Chatr into the mix as well, because a 100MB data allotment is a disrespectful slap in the face. So yes, If you are a heavy data user, then you have to pay a premium with Robelus and their baby brands… for now.

    • Thomas C. Riddell

      I’d rather have slower speed and more bandwidth

  • Jérémy Letendre-Côté

    Simple. Drop Bell Go Koodo for $50.00 with Koodo you get 600 min Canada-Wide plus 1 gig data Evening and Weekend unlimited after 5PM.
    Even more, If you bring your own device, they will drop it to $45.00 montlhy
    Way better than what your are paying right now

    • armyofnone

      My apologies for being so blunt, but yes, you should have shopped around, and you did this to yourself.

      Never go with the Big 3 directly, unless you get some sort of an insider deal. Look into their subsidiaries first, because you get more bang for the buck that way, at least.

      It also never hurts to try out Wind, and see how that works for you. I have been with Wind for a long time, but if it ever stopped meeting my needs, I would look into Koodo instead, for example.

    • Big 3

      You can still change to Bell’s best plan in the country if you don’t mind changing your number to one based in Northern Ontario.

      It’s Unlimited Canada-Calling,

      Global Text
      Call ID/VM

      for $50 on a smartphone contract or $45 if you use your own phone. This plan isn’t even a retentions plan btw so you can get it whenever.

    • Kevin

      Did you actually get a phone from Bell? The recent changes to the agreement caps the early exit charge to $50 if you did not get a phone from them.

  • Paul d’Ottawa

    Seriously, Koodo’s plans are better and the phones are cheaper (except the GS4, which has the same price).

  • Jason

    This is what happens when a new entrant is fiscally prudent and focused on creating a financially viable business. What wind and mobilicity are doing is unsustainable with their debt loads, and that is why they continue to lose money.

    • Philosoraptor

      You’re right, customers will flock to PC immediately to reward their fiscal prudency.

  • Philosoraptor

    This has got to be the crappiest service launch of all time in Canada.
    If PC can’t do better due to Telus wholesale prices, then PC should not have entered into the market.

  • Ken

    I have been Mobi for over 2 years and believe me I get all the bell and whistles for $44.80 tax included considering what i paid with Telus. Anyways if Wind and Mobi can survive from being shuttered then great if not i’m back out shopping very smartly for a carrier that will give me a bang for my buck, just thinking about gives me a pain.

  • SkyDome

    So, $50 for the pretty much the same plan that Koodo and other flanker brands offer for $39?

    I am sure this will be absolute hit with consumers.

    Or this is just premium PC Mobile thing and they are planning NoName Mobile soon and those prices will make it look good?

  • Conception

    These plans are brutal! I was hoping maybe these guys would buy out Mobilicity. The Presidents Choice brand could easily absorb this cost. Turn every one of their Superstores into a distribution center and strap a tower on the roof. Keep the same Mobilicity plans or bump them up by $5 each if you had to and go nuts…The more you buy in store, the more discount you get on the phones…

  • ineptone

    Apparently the pricing is powered by TELUS as well.

    • Nicole

      Actually it is Telus,

  • Jérémy Letendre-Côté

    ”Posted after the update” Someone at PC Mobile read all the bashing on MS and realized they had to go back to the drawing board with these 2001 plan with only 100Mb of Data

    • Nicole

      The launch got delayed because someone keeps leaking the launch dates.

  • Chris

    I just wish PC mobile would add LTE to their existing bell partnership on prepaid.


    Could it have to do with acquiring Mobilitypossibly? Hummmm

  • Mr_Sweet

    Anything over $25 is disappointing

  • AppleBerrySandwich

    500MB – 1GB data is hugely disappointing. I need a minimum of 3GB.

  • Luc Bouillon

    a 50 dollar plan with only 500MB of data? LOL

  • rgl168

    The launch most likely got “snowdened”.

  • Marc

    Still rocking my Unlimited data from PC Mobile 😉

  • PrettyLolita

    Wow that sucks.

  • Nicole

    When The Mobile Shop finds out who posted this, that person is gonna get fiiiiiiiiiiired,