TELUS investing $17 million in to Manitoba, will launch LTE this Summer in Winnipeg


  • Señor Cardgage

    And the funny thing is that they Will beat Rogers at bringing LTE to Manitoba

    • Senk

      More like sad. This LTE ready advertising was everywhere in Winnipeg last summer and still no LTE.

  • EvanKrosney

    Well it took long enough.

  • Jon

    Does that mean Koodo will also have LTE in Manitoba? Right now, their $60 plan seems pretty good if it works with LTE.

    • Señor Cardgage

      Yep, it will. So will Bell/Virgin

  • Owen Finn

    I’ll believe it when I see it – right before my wife left Telus 18 months ago, they promised her LTE “within the next 6 months”…

  • Justin

    Funny they’ll beat Rogers to it. And yes seen all those Rogers ads and commercials too! MTS still has the better coverage though..for now anyways.

  • Henry

    Good for them to get LTE (come on Rogers!) only problem is 20 minutes south of the peg and there is not a spec of Telus coverage!

  • MajikMonkie

    Another Rogers first! First to be last in MB with LTE… Also another first for Rogers: First time I’ll be signing with someone else next time I get a new phone.

  • Lincoln

    My sister’s iPhone still won’t work when see visits my parents in southern Manitoba.

  • abc123

    Telus customers of phone, tv, internet and wireless, get ready for rate hikes…

  • daddychicken

    Yes! Now if we can get sime additional rural Manitoba coverage it would be really exciting.

  • Glen Loewen