Video: Google I/O and BlackBerry Live keynotes now available online


  • Julius

    Ain’t nobody for time for that

    • Ian’s daddy

      Their just lookin for clicks. Yay go ms!

  • Jackson

    I watched both keynotes and thought that the Android was pretty lame! Google was less interested in wowing the crowds/users with expected hardware and software news, and more interested in making itself look good. With all the improvements related to core Web services, these things could make our life easier but at the same time this also allow Google to pursue its business model of learning more about you, and selling more ads. Overall, a very boring conference. In contrast, Blackberry keynote was much more enjoyable and it looks like some real innovation is coming from that company.

    • Tony Sarju

      Google I/O was never to “wow” the general public. It is a conference catered to developers. They frequently announce new products and services but that is not what I/O’s core function is about.

  • Manic Devlin

    If you guys noticed, the reason Google launched awkward Galaxy S4 Nexus is because Google X phone project was canceled at last minute, so they had to patch things up with S4 Nexus announcement that adds no value to their line up. You could theoretically wait for S4 Nexus ROM image to get dumped and install it on your standard S4 and save a few bucks.

    Blackberry keynote was much better with the announcement of the Q5 mid-range phone for emerging markets, the future of BB10 with integration with most automobiles. BBM channels with multi-platform launch will boost Blackberry brand exposure and establish a land grab for Blackberry in mobile communication space.

    • Ian’s daddy

      And what about the unlocked boot loader s4 that doesn’t get it warranty farked away by playing around with the phone? That in itself is bigger news than anything Heinz had to say. Com come on now. Less bb fanboism. It’s like a disease.

  • deltatux

    I think Google forgot that with keynotes, you have to launch something … and I don’t think people are just wow’d with services, they need something tangible. Hurray, a Google Maps facelift … whoop-dee-doo, that’s not that exciting for a keynote conference. New languages in the knowledge graph, we can’t even see it. New Android Studio, great for app developers, but the end users wouldn’t care. I think this was one of the lamest Google I/O I’ve ever witnessed.

    Hopefully next year they won’t fall flat on their face.

    The BlackBerry conference was interesting but yet boring, they’re not that good with their presentations. Felt like other than the BBM, big app announcements, the Bentley and the Q5 announcement, it was cut-dry and boring.

    • Tony Sarju

      They did launch something, many things in fact. They launched enhancements to a lot of their service offerings. Again, as per my comment above, Google I/O is NOT geared towards the general public. It is for developers. The end users benefit from the end results of what’s taken away from I/O by Google and the developers.