Facebook to unveil custom version of Android, their own camera and messaging apps will be the default

Details of Facebook’s April 4th “Come See Our New Home on Android” event seem to becoming clearer. According to sources from the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times are reporting that the massive social network will be introducing a “new software for mobile devices powered by Google’s Android operating system.” The first version will be shipped on an upcoming HTC device, possibly the Myst, then expand to other mobile manufacturers. Apparently this new skin will be “front and center” on the homescreen and will be what users see when they boot-up the device, thus giving them instant access to their Facebook account. In addition, the Facebook camera and messaging apps will reportedly become the default apps.

The goal for Facebook, which has over 650 million mobile users, is to put “Facebook first” and potentially increase the time users spend on their site, and of course increase revenue. Facebook declined to comment, but Derick Mains, Facebook’s spokesman, stated that the event will have a “significant mobile-focused announcement.”

Source: WJS & NYT
Via: The Verge