Update: Angry Birds Toons now available to watch on your smartphone and tablet


The success of Rovio’s Angry Birds continues. The company announced that the franchise has seen over 1.7 billion downloads since its release – this includes the original Angry Birds, Angry Birds Star Wars, Angry Birds Space, Angry Birds Rio and Bad Piggies.

Rovio will also be taking their brand to TV and going live with a 52-episode cartoon called “Toons.” This will debut on March 16th in various countries such as Australia, Indonesia, Korea, Finland, Brazil, Norway, plus “as well as on select video-on-demand channel providers, Smart TVs and connected devices.” Toons will not make it to our Canadian cable companies, but will show up on your smartphone or tablet via your Angry Bird download for free. Rovio notes that you’ll simply need to download the latest update and “unlock the new channel button in the game homescreen on March 17th.”

Update: Angry Birds Toons is should now be available on your device (through the latest app update). Looks like there are a couple titles to start. The first is called “Chuck Time,” then “Meet the Flock.” In addition, there’s a behind the scenes looks at how and why the animated series was created. The cartoons are short, under 3 minutes each, but you’ll rack up data charges if not connected to Wi-Fi.

Will you watch?

Source: Rovio Toons
Via: Pocket-Lint