TELUS releasing the Samsung Galaxy SIII in Black


  • superfly

    Ooooohhhhhh! I have got to get me one of these!!!!

    • lukeiphone

      Save your money for S IV

    • Comment Master

      While Samsung is releasing S4 in 4 days

    • Ban 3yr Contracts FIRST!

      Telus has the:
      Refurbished S3 in WHITE for $80 any plan TWO Yrs. $400 outright

      Why woud anybody go for the “New one” with same warranty for $0 THREE YR CONTRACT min $50 and $650 device Balance??

      -Refurbs now have ONE YR Warranty as of two days ago, instead of the 30-90 days before. So the Telus’s Reburbs close the gap with KOODO.

      What would you get?? an refurb S3 with SD card and CM10.1 for $400

      or a N4; with NO SD CARD for $400 at Virgin??
      N4, No SD Card for $400

    • Ban 3yr Contracts FIRST!

      ..At the Same time Telus has the HTC One X for $0 on TWO yr contract any plan.

      Is it worth it to get the One X without SD card at that price? or would you just pass on the HTC and get an S3 for cheaper in two weeks.

      You know that if Telus drops the price of the S3 the big three and Virgin Koodo are to follow right?

  • Haxor99


  • Dalex

    A bit late for a different colour… Why get stuck with a GS3 for 3 years with he S4 one week out. Now if Telus plans to sell this black GS3 (and the other colours) outright at discounted price (say N4 350$ level) than that would be a phenomenal deal. But TELUS is part of the big 3 so that will never happen.

    • JimmyC

      Agree. I don’t see many of these selling with the S4 around the corner. Telus please forget about releasing new colours for the S3 and spend more time on releasing updates!

    • Rio

      You guys need to stop thinking the world revolves around you so much. Yes your a techie and wants the latest and greatest but not everyone is like that.

      the S3 is going to sell just as much as it has been. When the average consumer walks into a store they would much rather get the S3 for 0$ then s4 for 179.99

  • Stephie

    For people who frequent sites like this the idea of a late adopter might seem odd, but plenty of people only buy phones for 0$ on contract and only want it in black. I’m sure this will do fine. Not everyone is on the pulse of mobile tech. Plus, even if the SGS4 is announcement is right around the corner, the Canadian release date might not be.

  • the handsome one

    @ jimmyc… I couldn’t agree more bro!

    @ Stephie… Upon announcement it usually takes a month for that phone to be ready for Canadians to purchase. It doesn’t take long…

  • Leggomyeggos

    Too bad they don’t have titanium grey as well. Even if Telus doesn’t drop the price of the S3 when the S4 comes out, Koodo most likely will. They are already selling refurbs for $350 and look at their S2X pricing now.