Huawei Ascend W1 Windows Phone 8 Hands-on (video)


  • isdfoa

    camera looks like the htc one x

  • swizzlerz

    pretty little device.

  • Ult

    Why does it look identical to the HTC 8X?

  • oldschool

    The camera looks like a big nipple, but otherwise seems like a decent phone. More good devices and exposure are what that platform needs badly.

    A few more apps wouldn’t hurt either.

    Now how much is this thing gonna cost anyway?

  • Blas

    Looks like they threw an HTC 8X in a blender with the One X.
    If it had a nicer camera it might be worth while, otherwise they’re going to need to come in at a pretty low price point.


    512mb of ram? yuck 🙁

  • new_tradition

    Nice to see more low end Windows phones. Hope it makes it to Canada.

  • Petephone

    Seeing as Nokia is mum on my Lumia 710 replacement, it might
    be the phone of choice if released here.

  • Anthony

    i am desperately waiting for a windows 8 phone on Wind.I am hoping it’ll be an HTC but i have a feeling it might be a Huawei and most likely this phone

  • Mark

    Pretty nice phone, I’d say mid range device. Battery is really great considering the size of the phone.

  • Christmas Daniels

    Used to work for wp8 and honestly tired of holding my breath for standard apps. My 920 is used for my professional life and my N4 is for the other 20 hrs of my life. This operating system needs to stop being Sega Saturn and more Xbox 360. No offence I want it to succeed but I had to leave because I couldn’t pretend I was blind anymore.