Video: RIM gives another glimpse of how the BlackBerry 10 keyboard will operate


  • ad19

    Can’t wait to get my hands on this

    • Looks awesome!

      Good work RIM!

      Get this out there and into our hands!

  • Kevin

    Great idea, I am definitely leaning towards giving up my Bold and trying a BB10 L-Series!!

  • RIM.4.LIFE

    BOOOMMM !!! cant wait for android and apple to die a slow death hahaha. excited to see the bb10 with a physical keyboard 😉 windows 8 and bb10 will own the new year!

    • Dalex

      How is an OS with 72% of world market share that can run on anything and an OS that has the most mind share and brand recognition going to die slow deaths exactly? They both have proven ecosystems and more than 700k apps in their respective stores…

      I’m all for wishing RIM good luck and hopefully they do make a splash, but they are literally no threat to Google or Apple.

  • np

    glad rim isn’t claiming they created this, because swiftkey has been doing it for a while

    • Hardened


      are you sure about SwiftKey having this? So you mean if I place my finger down on an Android smartphone screen and start to draw out 4-6words non-stop before I lift my finger … and when I do lift my finger after all words are ‘swiped’ it’ll correct?

      because If I stop to swipe after completing a word keeping my finger on the screen before beginning a new word then that is completely different.

    • George K


      I don’t know about swiftkey, but the stock keyboard has no problem with this. I just did another test typing in “hellomynameisgeorge”. The default auto-correct suggestion (the on that will be inserted if I press the SPACE key)is “Hello my name is George”.

  • MXM4K

    Have to hand it to RIM, they’re certainly giving it their best shot with this new platform. Let’s hope they pull through. Would love nothing more than to have another successful mobile ecosystem. Consumers win when competition is healthy after all.

  • Breezy

    I am hoping it isn’t too late for RIM. Win me back!

  • George K

    Inserting SPACE isn’t really that novel a concept. It’s present on pretty much every OS. I just tried it on my Galaxy Nexus running 4.2 and the stock keyboard. I typed “threewordshere”, hit space and auto-correct properly inserted the appropriate spaces.

  • Rich

    I want RIM to succeed just as much as the next guy, but this video was making a mountain out of a mole hill.

  • mike

    By time RIM releases these new devices. They’ll be old 2012 specs and features. While Samsung will dominate with the new Galaxy S4 with specs and features of 2013. RIM has always been behind in the game. And will be with the new devices. RIM should have released these phones in the summer of 2012 or before. I do want RIM to do well. But there running things to slow.

  • mike

    RIM will be releasing their new devices in Janaury – February 2013. And Samsung will be releasing galaxy S4 in February 2013 and RIM will be have difficulty competing against the new S4 Guaranteed.

    • Stupid

      I disagree.

      You think they are going after the same market? If rumors are true the s4 could be a 5 incher. It’s also still Android which for many the novelty has worn off. Android will always be laggier than non-java based os’s not to mention how much less integrated and sleek things are.

    • Scott

      I agree with you Mike, RIM will probably be in trouble in February trying to compete with the giant Samsung that dominates this industry. Time will tell though. To be honest though, RIM really should have released BB10 beginning of 2012 and not of waited 2 years to to release BB10 to the market. And to be honest the features that RIM is so excited about BB10 will be old stuff by time they release it. And the thing that really hurt RIM is their lack of Apps, which is why all their users went over to either Android or IPhones.

  • Mezy12

    Android is the best os platform out there. The galaxy s3 shows that. Its not laggy with jellybean. If you never used a os why comment on it. BlackBerry has a large hill to climb this keyboard they have has been out on Android fir a while. There playing catch up. Apple and android are the big boys. Wp7 and blackberry are in the same league. That’s who blackberry has to worry about.

  • Mike

    Nice !!!

  • nomes

    You guys are just looking at the keyboard and not the whole picture. It has been no secret that RIM partnered with swiftkey for the PlayBook keyboard and that is carrying over to BB10.

    But please show me what Android device shows you the word you maybe looking for over the next letter. The flicking up motion, how you delete a word just by swiping back.

    Also they are implementing an algortihm, so if I constantly hit the W key when I meant to hit the E the system learns and knows what you meant to do.

    I agree they have a huge hill to climb but they are going in the right direction, at least its not a device like the Storm.

    • John

      So this is a reply to everyone saying how the bb10 keyboard is so great. well guess what on my sIII i have the go keyboard app and i can do all of that stuff like swipe back to delete words, swipe up for correction, auto space its all there. Also the bb10 looks a lot like the iphone 5 so bb wont be around for long after apple is done with them.

  • Alison

    I want BB to succeed. Its ecosystem is more secured than Android, Window and Apple, making it ideal for business users and casual users who don’t know how to make their smartphone secure. A keyboard on BB has its plus and minus. Plus is that it makes typing and replying emails so much easier. Minus is that I can’t see that much content on the screen. I personally love to be able to see a presentation on my cellphone, or review a spreadsheet report superfast. A small screen makes that difficult. I always think a candy-bar size BB with slide-out keyboard is the best combination in a BB. I hope there will be one in future.

    • tokenusername

      Wrong. Blackberry is not more secure than Windows Phone. You think just because it has encryption then all of a sudden it’s the most secure? Having your emails and BBM encrypted is useless if you have malware and viruses on your Blackberry. And guess what, but newsflash for Blackberry users, but there is quite a bit of malware and viruses *designed* to steal your info directly from your phone. Windows Phone 8 right now has no known viruses or malware.

      Oh and you sound hot. Will you rim my blackberry?

    • tokenusername

      Just to add, Windows Phone 8 is very modular and sandboxed. BB7 definitely is not, and BB10 isn’t to the same extent as WP8. Even if you get malware or viruses on your Windows Phone 8, they practically can’t do anything because the system will automatically lock them out from accessing any information on the system.

    • hoo dat

      How about a link or two to back up what you’re claiming, Token, because in all honesty you’re the first person I’ve seen claim WP is more secure than BlackBerry. Even Microsoft themselves haven’t much such claims, in public at least. So a couple of links to support your claims would be wonderful, oh, and couple of pounds of what ever it is you’re smoking too while you’re at it!

  • screamer

    I terms of specs. When Google bought Motorola they were planing already with lg the nexus 4. That was more than a year ago. So that’s why Samsung working on the S5 because the S4 is already in somebody pocket and run some test. I think rim blows it all away.

  • mike

    Who owns 78% world wide market share as of right now???

  • mike

    That’s right (Android) and the percentage is growing everyday

  • mike

    This is how its gonna play out. 80% Android… 15% iphone….3% Rim. 1% windows phone. And 1% for everyone else. And android is growing everyday. So either iphone. Rim. Or windows phones percentages will decrease over time. Soon Android will be in everyone’s hands in the world

    • Rio

      How about we compare individual phones? That tells a completely different story. It is easy to have 78% market share when your os is a w***e on every device that wants it.

  • Scott

    Android is dominating the world

  • Scott

    I agree with you Mike, RIM will probably be in trouble in February trying to compete with the giant Sammy that dominates this industry. Time will tell though. To be honest though, RIM really should have released BB10 beginning of 2012 and not of waited 2 years to to release BB10 to the market. And to be honest the features that RIM is so excited about BB10 will be old stuff by time they release it. And the thing that really hurt RIM is their lack of Apps, which is why all their users went over to either Android or IPhones.

  • Scott

    RIM has like what 100 apps in the app market lmao lol. And Android has over 700,000 Apps, and Iphone has over 450,000 apps.

    • Scott’s Daddy

      Being completely out of the loop doesn’t absolve you of your ignorance and stupidity Scott.

      RIM has been around the world attracting app developers.

    • hoo dat

      Scott, your comment shows how little you know about the situation. Current RIM had 70,000 apps specifically designed for BB10 ready to go. By the time launch comes around that number will be an absolute minimum of 100,000, with many expecting 125-150,000. Add to that ported apps from the PlayBook, iOS and Android and you’re looking at at least 300-350,000 apps, all approved to run properly. Even without the additional apps, BB10 phones will launch with the largest apply portfolio of any brand new operating system in the history of mobile phones. They’re already 2.5 years ahead of Android when they first launched.

  • Apple Sales Guy

    Looks decent.
    Good luck RIM



    do I even need to say it?

  • 2c

    GO RIM GOOO!!!!!

  • ruaman

    Quite exited for BB10. Now only the price will tell whether I’m going to get this, or a Nexus device.

  • Wildspin

    It’s definitely a very cool. End of January is about the time the company gives me a hardware refresh. Can’t wait for it …

  • LW81

    I don’t buy a phone because of the keyboard. And that’s all RIM is talking about before their HUGE launch.

    Does BB10 have any other worthwhile features?

    • John

      Nope. Nothing that the rest of us don’t already have.

  • Stan Smith

    To the regular person out there who isnt into technology, They wont give a crap about this phone.
    Why should they? Current blackberries out there right now are so outdated. Anybody that i know who has a blackberry is complaining about it.
    They see all their friends with instagram and great apps and want the same. Not to mention that most of them switched from using bbm to using whatsapp.
    RIM has a huge uphill battle that i think will be too difficult for them.
    I remember when people said the Playbook was supposed to be RIMs saviour… look at what happened there… sure they sold some… nowhere near the amount they wanted and eventually was a fail for them even after lowering the price.
    Lets just hope they can market the crap out of this new phone with some big names or else its DOA

  • KC

    I think RIM will surprise a few people next year. Did you know that Chysler will be running BB 10 apps in their 2014 model year cars as their U-Connect 2 system is based on the QNX Car 2 Application Platform which is essentialy BB 10. Oh, and Audi too.

    Did you know Thorsten Heins came to RIM from Seimens? Did you know Siemens uses QNX in their medical equipment already and RIM is developing thier next generation software? BB 10 may save your life!

    Yeah, it’s BB 10, the Mobile computing platform. It will have many names as the various companies that will use it will skin it and call it what ever they want, but it will all use QNX and cascades SDK and run the same apps as your BlackBerry and connect to BES 10.

    That’s just a couple examples. Next time you ride a VIA rail or GO train pulled by a GE Genesis locamotive engine, yeah, that’s running QNX as well.

    It’s everywhere. RIM owns it. RIM Built a UI and application layer for it. Companies that already use it are excited about these new capabilities in the platform and can’t wait to use them in their products.

    • John

      None of that will convince the majority of smartphone users to buy a BB. At best RIM will be a bit player in the phone industry.