Bell turns on LTE in Oshawa/Whitby, Niagara and Lethbridge, coverage now reaches over 20 million Canadians


  • Richard

    Not perfect but bell seems to be the best of big 3.

    • Zudeo

      I used to get 50-60 on Rogers but now it sits about 25-35. Still, it doesn’t really matter in the end as long as we all have LTE!

  • Brendan

    Would Telus users now have access to this in Whitby/Oshawa too? I know Bell/Telus share their network somehow, but not sure of the specifics.

  • cellguy

    Rogers already has service in all these places.

    I dont get bell strategy, opening up little pockets…

    • Brendan

      I find Rogers to be very spotty in throughout Durham region. In Oshawa, I can’t even get a reliable 3G signal on my old bb, while my girlfriend on Telus can get 4g, even in the basement.

    • tbone

      Bs rogers has LTE in oshawa..I have yet to be ble to get LTE on my Jetstream tablet…just where is it then?????

    • Zudeo

      I agree with Brendan: Oshawa is a PITA when it comes to coverage. In the south end I get crazy fast LTE, around the middle of Oshawa I get Edge & 3G, and North I get 3G/Decent LTE support. It’s messed.

  • Mike

    LTE on 2.6 GHz is like Wifi on 2.4 Ghz. How many cities have tried to blanket the entire area with wifi signal and failed because that frequency is simply too short for coverage? You will need a repeater like every single block in the city, leading to millions of repeaters? That is simply not practical, as many wide-area Wife designers have found out.

    LTE, unless it’s on 850 Mhz, will ALWAYS be spotty and next to useless. It’s a sales gimick. Just look at all those failed Wifi projects. They should just give it up.

    • Chris

      No… They use much more power to broadcast cell signal over a wifi signal.

  • gjeff12

    So bellus now covers all of Vancouver island. Another benefit of ditching Rogers.

  • Jordan

    Great, I have an iPhone 5 w/ Rogers in Lethbridge. Only one of the Big 3 without LTE now ><