Samsung aims to start building 1080p HD Super AMOLED displays in early 2013


  • John

    About time.

    Should be good in the S4

    • l forgot my meds

      No Retina.
      No good.

  • Ramy ayash

    Excuse me, but IPS LCDs produce much more realistic colors than OLED screens.

    • PR

      Who cares if it makes color reproduction accurate, real colors look dull, you arent going to be editing professional pictures on a phone, vibrant colors make your smartphone’s display pop.

      contrast is more important on a phone as it makes things easier to see, and no display currently can match SAMOLED for contrast

    • firzen

      but the contrast makes the UI seem toyish. i dunno…

    • Imrightyourewrong

      Sure, PR, sure. That’s a fitting name for you, because you just spouted some PR marketing BS.

      So you like colors that “pop” eh, real world colors are not enough for you huh? Why don’t you just start dressing as a clown? Heck why not become a living vegetable, and hook yourself up to a machine where you live in a virtual world if the real world is too “dull”?

      Get out of here with your Samsung marketing BS.

      You must love girls who have pounds of makeup on with spray tans, and they happen to look like clowns so you must have an affinity for clowns.

      MobileSyrup you guys are a joke for constantly spouting marketing drivel from every company. Grow a pair of balls and post news and articles with your OWN opinions backed up by your own research and information. I guess that would be too much work for you guys though, or maybe you wouldn’t get enough revenue from Samsung.

  • kris

    pentile wont matter at such high ppi. some people say they cant see it on the 306ppi gs3 with a 440ppi screen pentile would visually disappear.

  • Tom

    What does nexus 10 have?

    • kris

      2560×1600 10.055 iches RGB(non pentile) PLS lcd

  • metoo

    And still pentile to keep them cheap and shitty and fantards will still think they have a good display…

  • deistbeats

    I see no real point in going past 720 …high resolutions on a 4 inch screen just make the phone work harder. I can barely tell the difference between 720 and 1080 on my tv. But I guess they need something to trump the competition … where those flexible screens at?

  • Mike

    I can’t even see with 1080p using my own eyes…

  • kiryen

    1080p cellphone: $700
    Eye surgery: $2000
    Being able to count Horatio Caine’s nosehairs while watching CSI on your phone: Priceless

  • Shamu

    @imrightyourewrong .. Your break is over. Go back to work at your Apple Store. You should have stayed in school. Just saying