Fido comes out with $57/month promo plan, has Unlimitedness and 1GB data


  • Rio

    That is actually quiet a decent plan. Under 60$ and more than the usual 100MB of data

  • TP

    If it is unlimited anytime, why 2500 forwarding minutes?

    • metoo

      so you can forward?

    • TP

      My point is, if you have unlimited minutes to your own phone, why would you want to forward the calls to a different phone which has limited minutes?

    • Porilaisten

      Because there is such a thing called Call Forwarding Fraud which is why they are limited to 2500 mins.

    • metoo

      You might want to use an alternative VM like youmail. It would also help some people that are in areas with spotty coverage. they could forward their incoming calls to another number where they are, like a house line.

  • metoo

    WTF? This is _exactly_ the same as their $80 plan. The only difference is you can buy one of their higher end smartphones with the $80 plan but you cannot with this plan. So you pay
    $26 more (with tax) to be allowed to buy a phone? The termination of a contract with smartphone only decreases by $13/month, so it would be better to buy an unlocked phone and go with this plan.

    Too bad it only has 1GB.

    • Hugo Robitaille

      The plan is available with a bunch of decent smartphones, such as the HTC One S, Galaxy Nexus and BB Bold and is also on a 2yr term. Good plan considering offers from direct competition (Koodo and Virgin) which didnt make their 60$ plan available for iPhones (unless you want to pay full price or tab)

    • tiesto

      $57 is a promotional plan, $80 is permanent.

  • Jeeverz

    I agree, this is a very decent plan. I am not sure of the “Unlimited Incoming/Outgoing/Picture and Video messaging” in US/International.
    If so this would be the be one of the best plans out there. If not, well pretty damn close still.

    • Beso

      for $3 more you can just go with Koodo …

      IMO Telus has a better network than Rogers and Telus cs is 10x better than Rogers!

    • workinwireless


      Rogers cs is not Fido cs, just like Telus cs is not Koodo cs. Fido’s cs is free if you want to change plan or add/remove features, Koodo charges you up to $35 for that phone call. And why pay $36/year more, I thought we wanted to pay less not more.

  • SamTheDam

    Did not expect this for Fido, to be honest. Not too shabby.

    But… I am with Wind, so nothing that Big3 may throw my way would ever be at all enticing.

    Bye-bye, Big3!
    And my butthole doesn’t hurt anymore 😀

  • Xirj

    Too bad they don’t offer any good phones (except if you want an iPhone). They’ll gladly sell you and EoL Galaxy S while the other carriers are offering the newest in Android and Windows phones.

  • god

    This is the same plan that Rogers customer service and retention have been offering all customers who even mention the competition. They just made it into a regular plan at Fido.

  • Al

    now… monkey see, monkey do… the rest of you guys match!

    and 1 of you to provide a better plan for others to copy (and so forth)

  • saywhat?

    My Galaxy S has JB 4.1.2 and unlocked free. 🙂

  • Kevin A

    Hey Guys i work at fido, if you guys are interrested in getting more info or in signing up you can give me a call at 1 866 397 3436 ext 8358 u can you me between 2pm to 10pm eastern time. Dont hesitate to call me if i dont pick up leave your number and name ill call you right back !

    take care all

    • BlackBerry Gangster

      time to prank this guy

    • metoo

      I think that was the intent of the post.

  • ak

    Is this 1gb data compatible with BB BIS data?

  • iphoneuser

    Is it possible to have this plan but keep my 6GB data instead of the 1GB?

  • Simon

    I don’t see where they are including Caller ID and Voicemail in the plan? Is it an error on MobileSyrup?

  • ile2010

    This is the first new plan I’ve seen from the incumbents that doesn’t completely suck. That being said, it’s still a bit too much for me, considering that I’m in a Wind service area.

    Sure, my unlimited network is geographically limited, but I’m covered 99% of the time so big whoop. I do have a Virgin tablet flex plan to cover me when I’m roaming and I’m still paying less.

    This plan needs to be no more than $50 in its currect state, and $45 would be more reasonable. Charge $5 more than Wind for your superior network, even if your data is limited to 1GB. For $17 more than Wind, we better see 5-6GBs of data included.

    For smartphone users that need Canada-wide minutes (ie. students, people who commute for work, etc.) and don’t live within a Wind zone, this seems to be the best plan available.

  • Marco

    It’s not normal that we are surprised by these plans, this sort of rate plan should be regular in Canada.

  • metoo

    If they wanted to kick the competition in the a*s, they would have made this plan smartphone ‘compatible’ and taken the $80 plan, dropped it by $10 and made it 6GB.

  • Carlos Fabregas

    Make it 6gb of data and I will switch from wind right away.

  • Timmy

    Time for Rogers to offer the same plan. But knowing them they won’t even bother.

  • Thomas Yu

    Not bad. My $40 deal (ended sept 30) was better though, since I do most calling during the unlimited sessions. 150 minutes, unlimited evenings and weekends, 250 MB data, Caller ID (pathetic that getting this included is considered a deal), useless mini voicemail, and most importantly, canada-wide long distance.

    I’ll definitely get my dad on this $57 plan since he’s a heavy data user. Ironically, just a few months ago I was paying $57/month on Bell and only had 200 minutes and 500 MB data and no long distance.

    Oh, Canada.

    • ile2010

      Only in Canada could 1GB of data be considered “heavy usage”. I don’t download anything and most (if not all) of my streaming (be it YouTube, Netflix, TuneIn, or Pandora) is done through WiFi. All of my app updates are through WiFi as well. Yet, my average mobile data usage with Wind is about 1.5 GB.

  • Matt

    Very nice plan, with call display, I’m in!

  • Andy

    $10/GB overage, still pretty good overages.

  • Mithos

    VERY appealing – but the even more appealing part of this post is the reminded that other holiday promo plans could be coming up…
    A new plan below $60 with caller ID+ voice mail, 1Gb of data (through Telus) with a Galaxy Note 2 would make me VERY happy.
    That doesn’t seem like too much to ask, right?

    • Ron Mexico

      Device prices are climbing ARPU is set to $60 now. If you want a $50 plan on the Big 3 now it will include less than 500mb of data.

  • Mithos

    Reminder* …

  • jonh smith

    where is the caller id on the fido page listed?

    • Jerry

      It right under the price, I had to look for it too. Just click on the box and it pops up. Now wondering if I phone Rogers will they match this. I am paying a $105 for unlimited everything and 6GB of data right now which I hardly use more then 500mb.

  • @maikelparets

    If they have unlimited anytime minutes why also unlimited evenings and weekends? Mute point if you ask me

  • dave

    not available to iphone users for the same you have to take the $80 max plan,makes no sense

    • ToniCipriani

      Well someone needed to slaughter the sheep…

    • metoo

      That’s right Toni, the Android user can opt for the HTC Desire or LG Gossip Pro or other high end Android. They don’t have any Android for 3 year contracts right now, but when they do they will also not be eligible for this plan.

      Are you all so retarded?

    • ile2010

      It’s available on any smart phone. Just get a SIM card and put it into any Fido/unlocked iPhone.

  • Andrew Goldenberg

    Only available on 2 year commitments. If you’re in a 3 year plan you can’t switch without cancelling. 🙁

  • exTemp

    If you have unlimited anytime mins why would you need unlimited eve/wknds. Also if they give you unlimited eve/wknds what time do they start? Would it matter if you had unlimited anytime mins? I think im confused.


    Caller ID and VM are indeed included in this amazing plan.

    No, you cannot add your 6gb data option with this plan. You have to stay in the regular plan range.

  • OGOD

    How come there is BS on the list??seen like more features to the customer or what??

    what is the difference?
    – Canada-Wide Calling
    – Unlimited Canada-wide long distance

    And what is the difference for those?
    – Unlimited Anytime minutes(so that doesn’t include incoming calls?)
    – Unlimited Incoming calls
    – Unlimited Evenings and weekends(so anytime minutes doesn’t include evenings and weekends?)

    LOL, I got 3 skills too!!I speak english, I am english speaking and I can understand english.

    • TROLL

      Relax man, not everyone is as skilled as you. Some people need more detail to understand that Fido mean by unlimited canada wide.
      It simply made so that everyone understand so there is no confusion.

      This plan is available for every single phone except the iphone(not even the older model).

    • OGOD

      LOL, as my experience…no matter what is on the list, customer still ask what is it included. Even mobilicity put huge list of plans on the wall, customer still ask….

  • marion

    I used 2gb on Wind for $29….nope

    • Wowzers

      Damn Marion, you’re freaking hot!
      I’m sold.

    • Drae

      Back off, Wowzers. She’s taken.

    • Ram


  • scott

    Why can’t u use his play with the iphone?

  • scott

    Let me try again, where do u see that this plan can’t be used with an iphone?

  • Fury

    Why can’t you use this on the iphone? Because iphones START at $700 this year. They have to pay apple somehow.

    Why is this more then Wind/public/etall. Because they have coverage outside of the major cities. This is NOT a plan to compete with Wind/public mobile. It’s a plan to compete with Virgin/Koodoo outside of the major cities in Canada. Yes, some of us don’t live in toronto/montreal/calgary/alberta.. And for thos of us who do, Wind/Public mobile will be a Looooong time coming to our regions, if they ever do. So we’re stuck with the Big 3 and their sub brands.

  • rip rim

    1GB. LOL

  • GeeEl

    I’ve been with Fido forever and two months ago switched to Virgin because their plans were much more competitive. Glad to see Fido coming out with very reasonable plans. No complaints switching to Virgin, cell signal is much better in my condo.


    You can use this plan with the iphone but you will have to buy your own iphone.

    The extra GB is only 10$ per month. So I think it a good plan.

    Don’t forget the speed and the quality of the network.

  • Wind Mobile & Mobilicity are still better

    Wind Mobile & Mobilicity are still better & Cheaper 🙂

    If you don’t live in Wind’s zone go for this Fido plan , otherwise Wind still rocks 🙂

  • PewZ

    Lol rogers has this plan for $56 w/out aller id and vm though for qc customers… its a secret plan though so shhh 🙂

  • new_tradition

    I don’t remember. Can you roam on Fido in Canada without extra charges now? I remember my old Fido plan charged extra when I made calls outside Toronto :/

  • aregularonhofo

    The Incumbents have no fears of Mobilicity who have such a poor network including financial woes that is on the brink of being sold or Public Mobile running such a tiny network for bottom of the barrel customers, however Wind Mobile is becoming a major threat and with Orascom having interests to take over full ownership of the company in preparation for the Spectrum Auction this move by Fido doesn’t surprise me…Chatr failed 100% to disrupt Wind Mobile and now Rogers is trying BS with their second in command. If Fido jacks up Data to 5GB I imagine many individuals will switch, yet with Mobilicity/Public Mobile going no where stagnate on the verge of being solid Wind Mobile is the only choice we have left to fight the Big Three and for this reason alone you should switch to Wind. Wind is improving/expanding by not using their customers like puppets on a string unlike the other new entrants and one day when Globealive is gone you will be sorry that you listened to the Fanboys/Trolls. Make a difference…JOIN WIND AND DUMP MOBILICITY.

  • TorontoHD

    Wind is a good deal if you live in their zones, but are you getting LTE service like what Fido is offering here? Seems like a pretty good deal if you don’t need a ton of data.

  • 5Gs

    Thanks to WIND!

  • Francois

    TY, just got a similar contract with rogers 🙂

  • Tom Riddell

    Why buy this when Wind Mobile give same thing for 40.00 a Month RIP OFF

  • Betty

    Only 2 year plans and monthly.. no 3 year

  • samantha jones

    call display vm included nice…………….

  • Frank

    Just called Fido and they wont honor this plan for iPhones under contract. Contract Iphones have to be on their 3 year max plans. No good for iphones.

  • elite

    Can I buy an iPhone from outside and get this plan.

    • ile2010

      If Fido will let you buy a SIM card and activate this plan without getting a handset, then yes, you can buy an iPhone elsewhere (Kijiji, eBay, etc.) and use the SIM. Just make sure that the iPhone you get is either locked to Fido, factory unlocked, or has been permanently unlocked by the original carrier.

      Other unlocking methods are unreliable and you may lose the ability to use the phone with Fido with each iOS update. You’re best off just buying one that’s locked to Fido, it’ll be cheaper than unlocked and you know it’ll work.

  • Guillaume

    They specifically made this plan so existing iphone users cannot switch (only sold under 3 years contract terms…), this is very disappointing.

  • Andrew

    The footnote for CallForward says this: “Local airtime minutes only. Each additional minute costs 10¢.”

    On this plan with unlimited nationwide does that mean you can still only forward to local numbers? And is it local to the phone’s number or local to where you are at the time? I’d hate to CF to a 416 number and then be in Vancouver and get hit for LD.

    A friend on Fido is thinking of changing to this, they’re paying about the same now but with US LD and no data. Is it just a matter of calling Fido and switching?


  • Amadreas

    I’m just trying to get the true meaning of unlimited Canada wide calling. So, does that mean I can only make long distances calls from my local calling area to a long distance number. Example being my local area is Vancouver and I call Toronto, thats unlimited and not billed long distance. Correct? And what about if I, living in Vancouver travel to Toronto and call back to my home city, Vancouver. Since I’m out of my local calling area will that call be billed long distance? Clarify please. Thank you.

  • JL

    Like some others have pointed out this new promo is exactly the 80$ max plan which is required for a new iphone to be subsidized. I actually got a decent retention plan for 55$ a month but I had to lose my unlimited mins and go to 250 anytime mins but with unlim incoming. I dont use data much so I didnt care what I got but now seeing the 57$ plan which was what I was more leaning towards less than a month ago its a bit of a sore spot because on top of unlimted mins it also includes canada wide. The fido rep indicated that they need to recoup their hanset fee which I understand but if they were to change my plan to the new 57$ they would be recouping their fee quicker as I would be paying them more and would be still with them for 3 years vs 2 years. I just dont understand fido reps and how they dont see where they can keep and retain longterm customers with sensible requests.

  • keith

    They just upped the data to 2 GB and removed the expiry date to “ends soon”. I switched from Wind last week but they increased my data as well after I phoned in.

  • Piox Pyoks

    I want this plan