HTC One X and One S receiving Jelly Bean upgrade this month


  • iphoneee

    let me know when they receive iOS kthxbii

    • Paul

      iOS would make the phone dumb, just because you are lost with your maps….


    I guess the One V is being left to melt.

  • southpaul

    I have a Rogers One X and they still haven’t updated it to 4.0.4. I wonder if they will just skip it and do a Jelly Bean update

    • Allyouranusarebelongtous

      Yes, they will skip in all likelihood, or release 4.04 days before jellybean rolls out…..

  • Allyouranusarebelongtous

    Yay, took them long enough…..bitter sweet always announcing it with new hardware 🙁 working towards my dream of a 6month upgrade cycle. Just have to drop my One X in a lake when the time comes. 😉

  • Gideon

    Another call for the update to come down to the One V please.

  • 1+

    Good job HTC, seems liek they’re trying to be one of the leaders when it comes to Android OS, flagship phones came with ICS before most of the non-nexus phones had it and now they’re being one of the first ones to release Jelly Bean.

  • picks

    Lets just hope they bring jb to the amaze which still holds its own against the one s

  • Dalex

    Well the sooner they get the ball rolling, the faster the devs at XDA can get it running on my Telus One X. Launch it on the Tegra 3 version and a rom for the XL will be up within a day or two.

  • Jason

    Seeing as we don’t have 4.0.4 yet, I expect we’ll see JB sometime next summer. Keep up the good work Rogers.

  • Biren Shah

    when samsung galaxy s III will get software update ?

  • Steve


  • Nib

    This better include the option to use the recent apps key as a menu key

  • Thomas

    and thanks to Rogers we will probably see it sometimes mid next year when the 4.2 comes out. or right before that…
    well at less XDA will get their hands on it and its time to root and flash a custom ROM now! seriously wtf is rogers doing?

    • 45

      Seriously! Damn Rogers not releasing an update that doesn’t exist yet!

    • Thomas

      they haven’t even released 4.0.4 so this will be even slower
      what AT&T did more than a month ago(they work pretty slow)

  • Sean

    It took Rogers months to push out the ICS update for the S2 LTE after Samsung released it.

    As Thomas was probably trying to say…. The only likelihood of an October JB update is slim to none.

  • JS

    when will the sensations get their updates? i am kinda getting tired of ICS to be honest lol

  • Damian

    Does anyone know if I will get an update when it comes? It’s unlocked and being used on Bell. It has the Roger ‘s splash screen and all the Roger’s apps…

  • mike

    Sure didn’t happen for Telus. BS Htc. Unacceptable!!!

  • James

    well, its been a month and I STILL DONT HAVE JELLY BEAN

  • Adam

    Any one on the telus network get the update yet, getting tired of waiting.

  • Effff Robbers

    Nothing yet on Robbers. This is why I need a nexus 4