Pinger for iPhone launches in Canada with free calls and texts to any number in North America


  • JP

    Hmmm…. not too sure…. don’t like to get randomly billed for using an app that has free calls and texts, happened to me already

  • Bill Compton

    Free North American calling…I get that already with my Holiday Miracle plan from Wind. This app must be geared for people on Robellus.

    • antirobbers

      are you sure it’s not canada-wide calling?

    • Bill Compton


      Yes, I’m sure. It’s free North American calling. Not many people know that’s included for some reason. Call Wind to confirm if you want to be 100% sure.

  • Ron

    HMP here as well, and yes, North American calling is included, and I happen to use it quite a bit. Unlimited everything for $40/month – yes, please!

  • A good replacement to Whatsapp is…

    Check out Line. It allows calling over 3G to that contact on your list. Great replacement to Whatsapp.

  • DavisJones

    Free.. for 10 minutes. Then you need to purchase. Totally misleading..

  • Joe

    Hmm you seem like a wind employee to me… Not biased at all, sorry what’s that for people who don’t live in Major cities? Or like to travel by road to other cities?

    Here I go down voted to oblivion

  • Thomson

    I wouldn’t call it a replacement for whatsapp. Many o us prefer text to voice.

  • Mist Envoy Zero

    Pinger is absolutely NOT free.

    It comes with 10 free minutes (which expire if you don’t use them quickly) and then you have to buy minutes.

    Oh, and you have to look at nasty little ads all the tiem on top of paying for the service.