Update: Rogers Motorola RAZR users reporting the upgrade to ICS is now available


  • denon1978

    i just checked and still no update for me:( aug 25 10:30 am

  • Steve J.

    I got mine last nigh around 11:30. In Toronto.

  • mbourd25

    Can’t wait for the Motorola Atrix 4G upgrade.

  • Therm0

    Nothing for me, either 10:37 AM (Telus SIM). They may be doing a small group of IMEIs first then broadening as the week goes…a soak test of sorts.

  • jonathan

    Nothing here yet, but Rogers razr on Saturday at 11

  • Andrew F

    Still nothing in Cambridge Ontario. Friend got it in Toronto though.

  • Matthew S

    As of 11:20am no update yet for Rogers RAZR and im in North Bay.

  • Nomes

    I wonder when the fido phones will get the update. If I’m using a fido phone unlocked on Rogers can I get the rogers update.

  • Jon

    Still no update here in Hamilton. My razr was from Fido and unlocked. Will I still get the update with Rogers?

  • lukus

    Nothing in Niagara yet!….will keep checking.

  • kado

    Nothing Here in Kingston. Fido Network . 11;43

    • Kayliegh

      Good job Do-do. 😀

  • Bray

    After Samsung got sued for the billion dollars.. Other mobile news seems to not really matter.

  • random72

    Nothing yet here in Oshawa at 12:11 pm Saturday, Aug. 25. Will keep checking over the next few days. Hopefully it’ll be pushed out on a wider basis soon.

  • thatangryviking

    No update here, Halifax

  • Devon D.

    Toronto (Fido Network) No update and gave me the finger 🙁

  • Peter

    Still no update here in Moncton Saturday August 25th 1:49pm AST

  • MrJB76

    No update yet either, 1:00 pm.

  • Dariusz

    No update for me as well, Barrie.

  • Syed

    No updates for me either … check time 1:04 PM

  • ron

    Why can’t all phones be like the Nexus S?

    You can upgrade, downgrade, install custom roms whenever you want…

    Don’t have to wait for any carrier, its all up to you…

  • James

    Fido in Québec City. Still no upgrade.

  • mason

    Rogers in Kingston, no go on the update yet.

  • Lee

    Nothing here in sudbury Yet! Fido phone but I think they are allbundled into the rogers network as far as updates. Super Excited to have 4.04 on me RAZR!

  • Don M.

    Checked the phone. Not available. 🙁 . Turned phone off and restarted. Got it! So cool.

  • j.c

    nothing for me yet in toronto

  • Meitao

    They rolled it out to 1000 phones first to see if it is okay.

  • Watsan

    They rolled it out to 1000 phones first? Can we confirm that Rogers even sold 1000 razr handsets?

    Don’t get me wrong, I love my razr, but aside from mine I’ve only ever seen 4.

    • Andrew F

      I have seen a few around my city they are pretty popular around here.

  • denon1978

    4:45pm here in north bay just rebooted phone to see if update is available and still no update from rogers 🙁 come on hurry up rogers i am roasting here need my ice cream sandwich my phone is melting

  • Matthew S

    Seen a few so far in north bay.. and heard others have this phone too… but its 5:04 and still no update

  • jeremy

    no update on mine yet either Toronto

  • Ken

    I’m in Oshawa, purchased my RAZR last December and still no update today as of 6:47 PM

  • Jimbo

    Lost my iPhone and got the xt 910 about a month ago. Just checked no update, Rogers Vancouver. =(

  • Therm0

    I am seeing a couple of posts on Motorola Canada’s FB page that are from folks on Fido, so it looks like they’re rolling out there too. Still no update for me yet. I am still fairly certain they’re doing a soak test to see if everything is go for full roll-out, or they’re rolling it out by IMEI block or something.

  • Carleton

    Just got mine!!! Finally. I live in Markham

  • Chris

    Sat aug 25 8:35 still no update for me (Downtown TO)

    Guys, I have my phone unlocked and im using a virgin mobile sim. does it matter? would I still get the update?


  • garry

    no update yet
    Vaughan, ON

  • Rob

    Nothing here in Manitoba yet 10:55pm cst I hope soon though

  • Mike

    1,14 am in London On. and nothing

  • Rockin Rog

    Checked….nope. Near Sault Ontario, waiting patiently though… want to see what the OS looks like..had the Razr since November, don’t mind Gingerbread at all since all my stuff is running smooth and really like tTorrent Pro. Here’s hoping things will flow just the same.

  • Dariusz

    False reporting??? No update whatsoever.

  • KetaCDX

    It sounds like it’s coming out in batches of IMEI’s to keep hell from breaking lose if it messes up. I wish my IMEI was in a batch 🙁 Checked via phone and Motocast several times and nothing yet in London, ON on Rogers…

  • Alain

    8-26-2012 12:07pm cst nothing here in manitoba yet the only update i’ve got is the facebook app (–,

  • kado

    Still nothing Kingston, Ont (Fido) .! I would have rathered they say nothing and expected it early Sept!! Damn you Motorola.

  • glenn

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  • Rockin Rog

    So when it comes we are not forced to take it correct? Can I do a MyBackupPro of my phone state and come back to Gingerbread? Reason I ask is there are users that have 4.0.4 and well yea.

  • AgentM6e

    In Winnipeg, got my update Friday morning Aug. 25th.

  • Dawn

    3:36pm August 26 surrey, BC ….NO UPDATE

  • Xavier

    5:56 Vancouver
    Nothing. Unlocked Rogers. GRRRRRR.

  • RA56

    Sunday the 26th 9:15 pm still no update from Rogers

  • RA56

    Sorry, 9:15 pm no update in Toronto

  • RA56

    Sorry, no update from Rogers at 9:15 pm in Toronto

  • Rob

    8:55pm cst still no update on my phone here in Manitoba

  • HazyDavey

    11pm on Sunday the 26th. Nothing in London.

  • Blitz

    Saint John NB monday 27th 12:14am AST. No update yet

  • thegod

    1h am in montreal city and no update

  • Jesse

    No update in Thunder Bay yet.

  • Adam

    I have been running the leaked Rogers release for over a month. My About phone screen indicates version 672.180.310.XT910.Rogers.en.CA. This is a slightly lower version than the 672.180.352.XT910.Rogers.en.CA shown in the screenshot.

    I’ll be curious to see if my phone updates. It’s 9:00 AM Monday, Aug 27th and no update is available.

  • DavidZ

    27th 9:20 nothing, Markham ON

  • Landon

    Thunder Bay ON, Rogers/Tbaytel.

    Nothing yet 9:46am D:

  • RA56

    Rogers in Toronto 12:04 pm on Monday 27th – still getting no update is necessary

  • coop3422

    For the people in Thunder Bay, I wouldn’t be shocked if you’re the last to see it, tbaytel will find someway to screw it up lol

  • Mike

    london Monday 27 2 pm no update

  • Matthew S

    Aug 27 2:34pm still no update here in North Bay.

  • jer

    still no update toronto

  • coop16

    27th, 4.45pm
    no update Toronto….
    Starting to reach the don’t give a #$%! stage!!

  • jay

    i just checked my fone, and NO UPDATE…..someday it mite show up, and, hopefully WORK properly on my XT910!!! i wait with baited breathe..!!more than likely update will show up beginning of sept.2012.

  • Steve

    no update here in Port Hope yet 08/27/12

  • Mahaz

    GOT IT! FInally got my school email to sync, ohh, no word on the ICS yet. I doubt the users who got ICS will report on this comment thread, honestly would you!

  • Jeff

    I’m the guy that sent in the screenshots that are on this thread. Not sure what info you’re looking for, Mahaz. I got the update notification on Friday and downloaded it via wifi when I got home. No trick to it or anything. Perhaps it’s updating by block? I got my XT910 2 days before it went retail, so not sure if that has anything to do with it. It’ll come for everyone else so I’m guessing patience is all that’s needed.

  • Sina

    No update in Ottawa on the 27th at 9:44 🙁

  • Beer

    Edmonton, Aug 27th No update

  • kado

    Still Nothing Fido Network. Kingston,On 10;11am

  • kingdale

    With Rogers in Orillia, Ontario still no ICS upgrade for my RAZR XT910

  • garry

    still no update on the 28… why????

  • RA56

    Brampton 1:32 pm on the 28th – nothing

  • coop16

    checking for update…………………..

    and still nothing

  • jason

    Nothing in Timmins yet. And I got my phone in early February.

  • RA56

    I got my phone December 9 in Brampton – still nothing at 7:00 pm on Tuesday the 28th

  • Taxxedout

    Checking via wifi, update is not available. Via network data device is up to date in Victoria on Rogers.

  • Peter

    Still no update here in Moncton the 29th 10:03am AST

  • RA56

    Thursday the 30th, 8:00 am in Brampton and still no update

  • Pascal

    Still no update in Montreal

  • Therm0

    I’m betting they’ll flip the switch tomorrow, and it’ll roll out over the weekend to remaining handsets.

  • Robert

    I asked Rogers today about the ice cream sandwich upgrade for my razr and all I got was they should have it for release shortly. Its controlled by Motorola not Rogers. I’m in toronto and I want it faster but Rogers can’t do squat and Motorola just gives me the same answer’s soon.

  • Therm0

    Just pulled my ICS update OTA! 😀

  • Mike

    just now got the update in London On.

  • landon

    Just got my update, tbaytel

  • bastien

    just got the update OTA at 20h in Quebec City !! Was about time it arrived!! loll

  • Nick

    8:30 PM aug 30 Mississauga
    got my ICS update

  • RA56

    Did a check at 8:15 pm and it was available in Brampton

  • saint john nb

    Got it at 10 pm

  • Rob

    Got it here finally in Manitoba at 9:00pm on the 30th turned my phone on and off and checked update And it was there

  • random72

    Downloading it now. 10:18 pm Oshawa, On.

  • Peter

    Got mine here in Moncton August 30th at 11:19pm

  • random72

    Shouldn’t need to turn the phone off, just pull it from the System Settings.

    System Settings > About Phone > System Updates

    Worked for me.

  • thatangryviking

    Got it here couple of hours ago, Halifax, NS

  • MrJB76

    Just check update is downloading as I type… sweet!!!

  • Avisionary

    Available I’m London. Woohoo!

  • Michael

    Downloading now. Finally…

  • jason

    Finally it’s available in Timmins. I downloaded it August 30th 2012 at 11:00 PM. It is well worth the wait.

  • SBR

    Downloading now in Toronto. Can’t wait to see what ics is like it on the phone. It’s 11:50 now.

  • Andrew

    12:26 Cambridge Ontario i got mine updated love it!

  • Robert

    I finally got the ice cream update at 11:00pm tonight in Toronto

  • vito

    I got it at 10:30pm in vancouver bc nd iit down loaded smoothly

  • Patrick G

    /RAGGGGGGGGGGGE. Notified for the update….. downloads it……. goes to installation…… halfway through. ! sign restarts main screen comes up “Update failed, Tried twice, even a factory data reset then install on that doesn’t work. been waiting so long and now I cant even update!!! such bullcrap

  • Matthew S

    Got my update this morning 6am North Bay yay!!

  • denon1978

    Got mine at 10 pm last night here in north bay

  • Gunnerglory

    Just got mine in London, On @ 11am. Love it!!

  • Robert

    Got the update no problems but can’t say I’m loving ics yet!

  • Devon D.

    Downloading it right now…. HAPPy DAYS

  • Warskull

    Got it last night…looking good

  • Shawn

    “Got the update no problems but can’t say I’m loving ics yet!”

    Seriously? Is there anything that can make people like you happy?? Complain about no ICS for months and once it finally arrives, not so sure. wtf.

    I am for one very glad the update is here!!!

  • Claude Goyette

    Any sign of it in Montreal yet?

  • Rockin Rog

    Took update after seeing it available last night in Blind River Ontario around 11pm. Went smooth, like the long press on home screen to browse recently opened apps alot.
    Colour scheme is appealing, overall smoothness is a tad less than gingerbread was however I see you can tweak in the development menu for usability. Flash using Opera was a glitch at first but the trick was to download flash 11 again and install..good to go. All my apps work as intended but like I mentioned there is slight lags here and there but the interface and new phone feel quickly overcomes this. For a 300 Meg file for free I feel I have a new phone that is great and looks cool…that will last me till my next venture. Thanks Motorola!

  • Steve

    just received update inPort Hope downloading as I type

  • Rockin Rog

    Did a box of rubber chooch’s just fall out of the sky…awful quiet in here!

  • Ryan

    So I finally got the update, but i gets halfway through and quits :/

  • chris

    Got it friday @ 9 am razr Edmonton Alberta

  • Bernie Clayton

    Aug 30/12 4:30pm was my update.

  • Dariusz

    Received my update last night, Barrie, ON.

  • Rockin Rog

    Fixed my lags and stutters. If you experience this you can do a clear cache (google razr clear cache)…then perform a full data reset which can be performed from the system privacy menu. This will wipe your phone to a new state so back up your phone first of any files, pics music.
    The cache reset may all you need to do and it doesn’t remove your data.

    As it stands I’m loving ICS and its appearance is stunning.

  • Richard

    it downloaded great and quick and is running great

  • Claude Goyette

    Does Anyone know what are the différences between the leaked ICS and the New OTA version? I find it risky to revert to GB before installing the New version.

  • icyhotonmynuts

    Update fails to install halfway through. This is bullshit.