Skype for iOS updated with photo sharing, improved battery performance and design

Microsoft-owned Skype is one of the most popular forms of mobile communication aside from texting and instant messenger. Millions of people around the world initiate voice and video calls through the service every day, and it has spawned an industry of copycats and look-alikes.

Despite coming natively to Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8, the team at Skype knows that to neglect its mobile offerings on other platforms — iOS and Android especially — would be a grave mistake. To that end, the company has updated its Skype app for iOS, bringing photo sharing on board to fill a much-requested hole.

Photo sharing is done in the chat window, and there is no limitation to the size of the file. Shots taken on the iPad or iPhone can be sent using data, eliminating the need to send a separate email or MMS.

The company has also acknowledged, and corrected, its contribution to poor battery life on the iPhone and iPad. Due to VoIP apps’ ability to stay open in the background, Skype was using more battery life than the average app and this has been toned down in the latest version. For those who deleted the app to avoid a battery penalty, this will come as a nice surprise.

As usual, the requisite bug fixes and performance improvements have been added to the app, so update quickly.

Download Skype for iPhone and iPad.

Source: Skype Blog
Via: The Verge