Bell HTC HD7 and LG Optimus Quantum software update to OS 7.10.8773.98 now available


  • Vortoozo

    Would be nice if the update was actually available 🙂
    My HD7 is telling me that my phone is up to date with version 7.10.8107. Hopefully this gets rid of the bug that makes the phone freeze when playing Zunepass content…

  • freestaterocker

    I was actually wondering if they were going to push this one out… Right on. @vortoozo they typically roll out the updates in groups over a period of time. That way if there are problems with the update they aren’t fielding complaints from EVERY person who bought that phone. They can deal with issues that come up before the majority experiences them. Whether it comes to my HD7 sooner or later, I look forward to it! Now to cross my fingers for 7.8… Also that Bell will carry at least one WP8 “superphone”.

  • Vortoozo

    Yep, it’s great to see that Bell is still supporting the Win7 ecosystem even though they haven’t been selling it for awhile. I will certainly be looking to upgrade to Win8 when it comes out. On the HD7, the firmware, rather than the software, is the culprit of the bug I mentioned so hopefully that update is pushed too. It’s been around for over 6 months on other carriers. Of course support has no idea what I’m talking about….

  • habaryu

    Just received the notification over WiFi!

  • Vortoozo

    Forced the update using one of the methods available on various sites. Still didn’t update the firmware or fix the crashing issue, so I found a way to manually download the US firmware to the phone and it’s been working great since then! I’m a happy camper!

    • freestaterocker

      How did you get the US firmware?! I’m after tethering, as I live in a rural area and my phone is my only internet…

  • Nino

    Is the Lumia 900 from Rogers ever get this Tango update? Come on Rogers!!! You have the flagship device! All the others are being updated, and you haven’t even fixed the annoying purple hue problem on this “flagship” device! This is not professional at all!

  • Joel

    @Nino: Nokia has fixed the purple hue problem. It’s Rogers that’s slow to release the update. Same goes with the latest 7.5 update to 8773. CMON ALREADY!!!