BlackBerry App World crosses over the 3 billion app download mark


  • jansen

    idc, where is BB10 device. god rim. i need a new blackberry

    • Something positive

      Good for RIM! Amidst all the negativity some positive news.

    • tonka

      RIM is dead. That’s all that matters.

      RIP RIM.

  • js

    Does anyone know if these types of metrics are unique or count each and every download? When I had my BlackBerry Curve 8900 I had to reinstall the OS every 3-4 weeks. Would they count my download for Facebook once or each time I downloaded it?

  • Chris

    Turtleberry:in the long run, the rabbit may be fast but the turtle wins the race!

  • Chris

    hey JS, the curve 8900 is terrible. I have that model. The entire os5/6 series is crashing if you load too many apps. By august curve os7 will be $99 NO CONTRACT in the US so keep an eye out for that.

    i’m on the torch 2 and the crashes are seldom. I wrote about RIM’s need to push out OS7 ASAP on steep discount in my article about them this week.

  • EvanK

    How about instead of laying thousands of employees off, asking them to work extremely long hours and writing these redundant blog posts, you focus on getting BB10 to the market ON TIME.

  • Nathen

    Seriously get the Samsung GS 3 that just came out.
    You will NEVER look back and be so happy that you did , you’ll wonder why you did not ever do it sooner.

    Broaden your HORIZON you will be so much more greatly in the LONG Run.
    I had the Iphone 2G, Then Bought the first HTC one, Now I own the Google Galaxy Nexus. Tomorrows future who know ???
    Maybe it might be a Win8 Phone or BB10 or whatever.
    Point is do not succumb to being a slave to 1 Company.

    Try and diversify

  • Nathen

    How about trying a Different Product ?
    By the Time BB10 is out ( if on time by Q2 2013) you will at least know you tried other prodcuts.


    RIM is really trying hard to dig for positive news. Trying to get people’s confidence back, but they know that their subscriber base is quickly dwindling; they’re just not ready to announce that yet. They don’t want to announce bad news after bad news; they want to find a large number that they can announce to the world, even though the number is probably stuffed up a wee bit.

  • alex

    it isn’t all about north america folks. 7 billion and counting on the third rock. Have some patience.

  • roman20

    /golf clap

  • fanberry10

    GO RIM GO!!! Two weeks ago I bought a BB Curve 9320…I did my research and I know the phone is mid-range, plastic and so on…but I love this phone it’s a Beast! and paired it with my Playbook, amazing!. I downloaded Apps on both, very happy and one of my favorite Apps is the PC App for the Playbook. Thanks RIM! patiently waiting for the BB10 in 2013.

  • kad

    rim will be number 3

    nokia is gone so is win-8

  • Carlos Andres Albornoz

    psshhh bout time.

  • Bb

    Qnx all the way any doubters should look them up so they can get a sample of what will hit markets q1 2013. By that time ios and android will have something to worry about.

  • kwu

    I’ve never owned a blackberry…but have always wanted to try itt out…I hope they succeed in their comeback…and finally produce what I’ve been waiting for…a good qwerty keyboard phone with an AF camera…made of premium materials like their 9900.

    I currently have the Lumia 800 and Nokia E6…I’m sick and tired of the whole touch screen..and I love my E6 but can’t stand the EDOF Camera…

  • feinburgrl

    They are better off selling the company to Microsoft. 3 billion apps means nothing if they can’t product a good product.