Microsoft to include a curved keyboard option in Windows Phone 8?


  • Bobby Bill

    This looks awesome! Especially if you can swype through the letters!

    • Diptheria

      Qwerty keyboards are the one and only future!!!!

      Go rim go!
      Go Canada go!
      Go mcguinty go!

    • Jack

      you’re annoying.

  • Keith

    That looks promising and I will definitely give that keyboard a whirl.

    Only a Wordament fan will understand this comment but as soon as I saw that picture the first thing I thought was DiscoPigeon being able to type 100 words a minute with that keyboard.

  • Anthony E.

    Those hands O_O

  • Mark

    I don’t think I’ve seen anything like this before. It is a very unique approach. I can see those users who primarily use one hand finding this perfect for their needs.

    I’m sure Apple has it’s patent lawyers gearing for a battle as we speak. Jobs certaintly must have single handedly invented an “alphanumeric input method on a screen.”

  • Jack

    MSFT has some good technology, better than Apple and Google.

  • monsterduc1000

    That curved keyboard would be awesome for Swype!

  • Mike

    wonder if it has a left handed mode as well…

  • astudent

    Wow. This is really innovative. Though I am right handed, I am a left handed typist so I too hope for a left hand option. This almost reminds me of some of the phones I seen by Nokia over the years.

  • David Evans

    I sure do hope this come to Windows Phone 7.8 as well.
    After upgrading to the 900, I miss using the “Alphanumeric keypad” on my Nokia 5800 and really, you don’t need dual core tech. or HD resolution for this kind of feature.

  • freestaterocker

    It’s a neat idea and will likely benefit many if it proves to be real. Personally I have no issues typing one-handed with either hand on my HD7 and would likely have no use for it. Very innovative, though.

  • Azrael010

    Typing with one hand can be a pain in the neck. Interesting solution, I love it.

  • Dan.Giroux

    idk, but it looks more like the user is pulling the keyboard down off the screen (kind of like the Palm Pre does with the dock coming up from the bottom). hopefully though it is a one hand typing keyboard. that would be useful with the new larger devices that WP8 will support.

  • Mr. Bill

    It is pretty slick indeed.

  • Peacenik

    Looks like the keyboard is covering a huge chunk of the screen. Looks like a lousy solution to me.

  • TheBoze

    does it come in lefty?