Skype for Android downloaded 70 million times, works on nearly 1,400 devices


  • Tom

    I guess the reason we aren’t on the list of top Skype countries is because there is no Skype-In in Canada.

    The incumbent carriers continue to stop CRTC from allowing foreign countries to allocate phone numbers – so no Skype-In or Google Voice for us.

    • Gimp

      will bb10 support?

    • Dave

      @Gimp: Would you think RIM is that smart? That’s why they’re going belly up.

  • Billy Bob

    If Microsoft was smart they would only allow Skype for Windows Phone 8.

    • Michael

      Not smart,
      It would severely limit the amount of users, and probably start a few lawsuits.

      Why doesn’t google only offer it’s apps on Android?

    • Pac

      Yes, they’ll want it for everyone so that it stays a dominant platform and get lock-in. Then they’ll make it marginally better for Windows Phone 8, either by releasing improvements there first, or offering better fucntionality etc.., then gradually pull users over.

    • Pat

      MS is smart, by offering Skype to the competition. And if they did not, the competition would develop a better product.

  • rim?

    will this work on legacy devices like 9900 bold?

    • Dave

      Would you think RIM is that smart? That’s why they’re going to hell.

  • Mathieu

    99% of all Android devices ship with Google Talk Video so I’m pretty sure Skype is NOT “The most popular video calling application on Android”

    • Pat

      Where I work, everybody has an unlockecked Samsung mobile, and uses Skype on it. It seems that there is no better combination at the moment, for making cheap, or free calls.

  • ace

    NEXUS ONE!!!!!!!!