Gmail for iOS updated with push notifications, Send As support and bug fixes


  • kailash

    you can get “push” on the default mail app (with gmail) if u set up your account as a microsoft exchange one rather than gmail.


    • Billy Bob

      Don’t help iPhone users. Come on bro, what are you thinking?

    • markus

      will this work on BlackBerry too?

    • Gimp

      ya but you don’t get gmail features like search and such.

  • JHK

    Not sure how much Google makes by providing Gmail to iOS but they should really just think about dropping it from iPhones – millions of people would stop buying iPhones if they couldn’t use Gmail.

    • Sean

      Or millions of people would stop using google services..

  • Billy Bob

    Google should screw Apple and leave Gmail as a crappy app for iPhone users. They scrapped Maps, now they should pay.

  • bb

    Apple is garbage, without developers making apps they have nothing to offer!

  • Android4Life

    1) most iOS users use the built-in mail app, I expect, so dropping the dedicated gmail app wouldn’t ‘hurt’ Apple or their user base much at all.
    2) Google is a company. They like money. They make more money from iOS than from Android at the moment, so they won’t be dropping any of their iOS apps.

    JHK and Billy Bob, you guys need to just stop posting on MS. You are embarrassing for the rest of us that aren’t retarded. People say Android users are a bunch of dumb kids. You guys just feed that stereotype, whether it is true of not. If you can’t post intelligent, honest comments that actually help the Android community grow, just STFU.

  • Jr67

    I love that people say apple fans are cult like, but these days it is the android nuts that religiously post ignorant s**t. You guys have become a pathetic parody of what you accuse apple fans of being. At least apple zombies can honestly claim to have higher incomes, education and intelligence. WTF to you fantards have? Nothing. Religious nuts are on both sides, but at least they have something beyond their zealotry.

    • abc123

      I predict that the new IOS6 will still have the revolutionary grid of icons as the home screen… because you know, the apple guys “have higher education and intelligence,” so having anything else like widgets would be just too complicated for them.

      Having intelligence is one thing, knowing how to use it is another. Ever heard of the term “Book smart, life dumb?”

  • Jr67

    abc123 usually said by people that are book dumb. Dumb dumb, really.

    As any comp sci will tell you, simple is the hardest part of a UX. Dummies don’t know that.