Rogers HTC One X now available!!


  • Ranjeet Gurpal

    Is this a BB10 device? When are the BB10 devices coming?

    • InfinitiGuy

      RG, still on your mission to negatively portray Blackberry?


      Thank you for calling Rogers Wireless, My name is Habib Akmed Mufassa Osama Akmed Habbib, How may I misunderstand you and piss you off today?

  • Brian

    C’mon TELUS… awaiting the release date for the One S.

    • Boojay

      No kidding, the One X is a beast, but I want the One S, DAMMIT!

  • Dave Dee

    The no term price on the Rogers website is $574.99, $50 less than the leaked price of $625!

    • Dylan K

      There’s a difference between no-term pricing and outright purchase. It’s $625 unfortunately. Can’t wait to get to work this morning to play with ICS, gives me a taste of what’s up and coming for my EVO.

    • daveloft

      $625 was the outright price. $575 is the price for monthly which has an activation charge of $35 and at least one month of service with a minimum of $52.35. I’d rather have the outright price unless I was staying with Rogers.

  • 69iner

    same here I want me One S already!

  • Winner

    Winners will choose this phone.

    • Zoubir

      Robin and Scott- Thank you so much for my pictures! I was so isrpesmed how Robin listened to what I wanted, and then made it happen! Scott helped me decide which photo to use; that was helpful since he has judged photography contests. Robin’s studio was perfect- there’s lots of room to change and she had lots of options for backgrounds. Thank you again!

  • Obstacle-Man

    I’d grab this to use on wind but 16gb (12 usable) with no sd expansion slot makes me a sad panda.

    • Chimp

      This device has AWS?

    • daveloft

      Not according to Rogers web site. But the training material that came to my store listed it as supporting AWS HSPA.

    • Dave Dee

      The device radio does not cover AWS so it cannot be used on Wind for 3G.

    • Dave Dee

      I was wrong, according to HTC Website it does support AWS, contrary to previous specs, so it will work on Wind / Mobilicity.

  • Dave Dee

    I am still torn between this and the tegra 3 version with 32gb…million dollar question is will LTE become necessary at some point?

  • Really?

    Your hands on link is wrong (its linking to Lumia 900)

  • TVirus

    Anyone know if Rogers gonna release the black version of the phone?

    • Kevin

      email rogers customer service that your interested @ wireless.i​nq@rci.roge​

  • M

    Unfortunately, One X doesn’t work on the AWS frequency ):

    Even so, why is an SD card so important? I’ve never taken my SD card out to plug it into another device or into my computer. If you want to transfer music and pictures, you can do that through your computer as well.What do you have that takes up 32GB+ that you can’t save anywhere but on your phone? SD cards were great when phones came with 8GB or less, but for a phone, 16GB should be sufficient.

    • bob

      “Unfortunately, One X doesn’t work on the AWS frequency”

      Wrong. It does work on the AWS frequency, but only in LTE mode, not in UMTS mode.

    • B

      M – How about music collections? Photos? Videos? You know.. multimedia??

      12GB usable storage is just not good enough with Canadian data plans. A weekend full of pictures and video alone will eat 2-3gb. Then you’re down to 10gb of storage. I can’t fit half of my music collection onto that.

      Not big enough.

    • Kelly

      M, who are you to tell everyone else how they should be using their phones? There obviously is a market for mobile devices with lots of data, just look at the iPhone and iPod Touch devices with 32 or 64gb of space. My 32gb iPod Touch is nearly full of music, and I would like very much to have one device to carry around with me that has the space necessary to carry all the music I want instead of having to carry the iPod and my smartphone. Removable or not, 16gb is pretty small in today’s market.

    • daveloft

      Well see, I’ve seen information it does support AWS and the carriers tend to leave that off of their spec list. They did the same with the Galaxy Nexus.

    • Obstacle-Man

      Specs say it supports AWS for WCDMA. Likely the reason this is true is because AT&T’s roaming agreement / near merger with T-Mobile.

      You may not carry a lot of data around with you. but I carry 20gb of music with me on my phone. Which is why my vibrant has a 32gb card inserted in it at all times. It never comes out. If I want to transfer something I use USB / dropbox.

      Even though I have unlimited data, I would never rely on having my data in the cloud. Are you really suggesting I could carry a laptop around with me to listen to music when running on a trail? 😛

  • AndroidFanboy

    Has anyone compared the performance of the One X LTE to the One S?…im curious to see how it will perform when compared to each other before purchasing.

    • daveloft

      Well if your gonna waste your time looking at benchmarks you will see the One S perform better as they both have the same Snapdragon S4 chipset but with the One X having a higher resolution, ‘it performs worse’.

      In reality their both super smooth and I’d have no complaints with either. But if your going to get the One S, never look at the One X display as it ruins all other displays on the market and makes the One S look outdated.

    • Kardi

      Youtube my friend! Youtube!

  • B

    I’m almost willing to bet HTC releases an updated One X with 32Gb+ of storage once they see these things are not selling as well as hoped. Why they would offer the smallest storage space of the iPhone 4S is beyond me if they want to compete with Apple and Samsung.

  • Ender

    Are you sure Rogers just isn’t listing AWS for HSPA? HTC website shows:

    LTE: 700/AWS
    WCDMA: 2100/1900/AWS/850
    EDGE: 850/900/1800/1900

    • daveloft

      I’m also fairly certain it has AWS based on HTC’s web site and the training material I’ve seen for the Rogers One X with the full specs listing AWS for WCDMA.

    • Dave Dee

      Looks like it actually does support AWS, it is up on the htc Canada website with those specs. Definitely a change to previous specifications for this model.

  • John Mack

    @Ender Rumour has it that it will be launched on T-Mobile USA which means it could work on Wind, Mobilicity as well.

  • John Mack

    Held a dummy unit at FS and it felt nice in the hand. Great build, didn’t feel too big either.

  • Mas

    John Mack, your comment is probably the most useful one so far. Thanks for that.

  • Amkof

    Why is everyone wanting the One S over the One X? I’ve only ever heard the One X is better then the One S.

    I’m struggling to hold off for the S III announcement seeing how well received the One series is right now.

    • Eluder

      Probably due to price. I’d rather have the One X cause the screen is amazing, plus it’s LTE.

    • Boojay

      Because the One S is a phone. The One X is a tablet.

  • Kenny

    Rogers may have locked out AWS via regional firmware.

    Perfect example is the Galaxy Note. Through rooting and hacking, you can enable the AWS radio which is otherwise disabled.

  • Duw

    Finally, now I can get my Tegra 3 One X knowing accessories are nearby. 😀

  • monkeytats

    No offense to anyone who bought one but I sure hope Rogers has a decent return policy. Or you enjoy just looking at your phone half the time as this thing dies quick. With no removable battery you’re screwed.

    • Vito

      I’ve never had to swap batteries on any of my phones. The last phone I bought a spare battery for was a Nexus One – and that served as a paper weight. The only thing I’ve ever needed a removable battery for is a hard reboot.

      I picked up a One X this afternoon. It’s a little bigger than the Galaxy Nexus and the power button on the top right is almost unreachable when held in my right hand. Other than that, I like it so far. It scored a pretty decent 4479 in Quadrant Standard.

  • street poet

    Waiting for atrix 3 which will set new standards in specs.

  • Yunq

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  • Usama Arshad

    hey Dave Dee. r u sure that the htc one x rogers unlocked will work with mobilicity, i mean have u tested it. because i want to buy this phone so bad so i need to know asap.