Nokia: ‘Plan B is for Plan A to succeed’


  • bob

    A good start? They are one year behind the competition.

  • monsterduc1000

    Should have went Android.

    • WP74Life

      Haha, they should have already died is what you mean ?
      Releasing a phone with android that will be pre-historic in 2 months ?
      Grow up kiddy, I think it’s time for you to flash a new rom on your handset, kinda old.

    • monsterduc1000

      Yeah, you are right. Nokia doesn’t have the chops to cut it with Android. Slow innovation is what they are all about so no wonder they are dying all over the world. They should have pitched to Apple as well…

      And at least I have the choice to flash a rom if I want. Not stuck to the same bugs that “professionals” can’t figure out but the developer community can 🙂

    • WP74Life

      Haha, exactly my point.
      Google is paying XDA to deliver good stuff on their handset.
      As they are not able to do it.
      Which is obviously not the case with microsoft.
      And by the way, the main goal of a rom is to change what you have in your hands because at first you were not satisfied with it.
      Think about this.

    • Adam

      No, the main goal of a ROM is to customize the OS to how you want it. A dev says “It would be cool if this phone would do X”, then he makes it happen.

      You say “I wish my WP7 would copy and paste”, and then you wait a couple months for MS to come out with an update.

      real great system that is.

    • freestaterocker

      Really Adam?! Read a tech blog. Copy and paste came to EVERY WP7 device with the NoDo update, OVER A YEAR AGO!

  • Max

    It’s sad to see nokia go down this road… should have went android indeed..

  • Sean

    If they went android they would of faced heavy competition and would be just another handset maker.With WP7 they get to be the flagship designers with help from Microsoft to create the best product they can

    • monsterduc1000

      @Sean: And they don’t face heavy competition from the other Windows mobile makers in Samsung, HTC and LG? Of which each company is actually being held back by MS in the hardware dept. Look at what each of these companies is putting out on Android for hardware and what Windows mobile could actually be if MS could keep up in the software dept…Actually, when putting it that way, Nokia and Windows Mobile deserve each other. Slow progress in hardware and software…

  • Henaway

    How stupid is that? Where is Nokia if Microsoft decides WP7 is a losing battle and pulls the plug? Nobody puts all of their eggs in one basket without a contingency plan! It’s corporate suicide. Hope for their sake that WP gains traction … even if I have no plans to ever use it. Lots of other folks really like it, but is it enough to bet the whole company on?

    • Braumin

      The comments are missing the obvious truth here. Nokia has a plan B. But you DO NOT want to say things like “Well if this doesn’t work out, we are going to go in this direction” because that is only going to undermine what they are doing right now.

      Come on guys. This is the second article I have read about this. Think a bit before you put up an article for the world (or in the case, Canada) to read.

      If they said: “We are going to look at a custom port of Android if WP7 doesn’t work out” the first news article would be “Nokia thinks Windows Phone is failing – evaluating other options”

      Give your heads a shake.

  • AllanVS

    Are the antennas in the Links as good as the one in my old 6010m? That thing could never lose signal!
    Also, I too would have liked to see a Nokia Droid… The Nokia Nexus 900… or something.

  • Mark

    WP7 is doomed so long as Microsoft continues to insist on C#/XNA as the only means to bring games to the platform.

    • Braumin

      Doomed is a strong word…

      Windows Phone 8 will certainly up the ante since it will be based off of Windows 8 kernel. In theory it should be able to support anything Windows 8 does as far as programming languages. They have even said it will be very easy to port software between WP8 and W8.

  • Rich

    It’s a great idea for Nokia simply based on the Microsoft financial handouts. And why would Microsoft pull out of the mobile field? They are putting a lot into synchronizing Windows 8 all across the board (PC/Mobile/Tablets). Nokia being a part of this gives them an advantage in the long term.

  • Sean

    @ monsterduc1000 What i’m saying is there is far less competition in WP7 then with android. Samsung has what, three WP7 phones as does HTC and LG how many android phones do they have. If nokia wishes to enter the market and take over a good chunk their only choice was WP7 and it helps give WP7 the boost that they need to seriously take off

  • keiYUI

    Personally I’m all in for Nokia to succeed with their WP7 platform but I concur with Henaway’s comment. Don’t get me wrong WP7 is actually a great platform… Some bugs and whistles to fix but for the price some of their handsets go for is not bad at all. I’ve tried out the Nokia 710 and it’s a great phone. I feel Nokia needs to look at what they currently have and what they don’t have. The “don’t have” is what they need to achieve and without a Plan B we might as well call them another Motorola.

  • jack

    so basically nokia is ALL IN on this plan A and have no plan b. must be a nice reassuring message to their investors.


  • Mesonto

    I think people forget how patient MS is. With Win8 around the corner and the broader WIN platform integrated ecosystem I personally do not see Nokia losing on this bet. This whole situation reminds me of the early XBOX situation. Lots of people laughed at them but they had a good product and kept refining it. I think they won already with their gaming platform, and I think it will be an even quicker win with their phones.

    Personally I have used every phone platform so far Palm > Windows Mobile > Blackberry > iPhone (that switch was a mistake for me as the iOS was simply too immature for the first year or so after it launched) > Android > Win7Phone. And the one best feature of all of these phones is actually only in the Win7Phone device. It’s the phones integrated services that ‘wow’ me. The ‘app centric’ world (all phones not Blackberry or Win7Phone) just doesn’t work as well.

  • BB King

    Is that a phone from the 90’s? It looks like an old mp3 player with a lcd display. Funny how so many trolls make fun of BB users, yet garbage like this exists haha.

  • andy c

    I hope they change there mind and keep developing meego. I played with a n9 while in Asia and its a really nice os.

  • Mathieu

    Going to Windows Phone was a huge mistake.
    The future will confirm.

    Not that Windows Phone is a bad mobile OS but app developers have enough work with iOS and Android.
    And most of all, no “loves” the “Windows” brand.

  • Jesso2k

    Establishing themselves as the premier windows phone maker before windows 8 starts eating market space was the best move any phone maker could make entering America’s market at this stage.

    I think the’re in for a prosperous few years.

  • Jesse

    God, people are so closed minded. The comments for this article back up my statement.

  • monsterduc1000

    Shoulda went Android 🙂

  • Angus

    They should sell everything, Android, WP7, Symbian and Meego to specific markets around the world instead of putting all eggs in Microshaft’s basket. All you have to do is watch Ballmer on YouTube, he is embarrassing as a clown.

    • freestaterocker

      *sigh* As an all-around tech-junkie and huge fan of WP7, this Ballmer is the one anti-WP7 argument I can’t refute…