Nokia Lumia 710 suffering from call disconnect bug, company “close to a fix”


  • JB

    I already had to return mine, no unlock codes available yet, and not for lack of trying.

    Very frustrating, as it seems like a great phone.

    • hobo_life_engadget

      Good move, returning the junk.
      This fone just came out the price will only go down from here on in.. probably expect to see this in Walmart hanging on the PREPAID rack just like the LG Quantum from Bell…

      WP7 and Nokia a failing combination… I feel no sympathy for the people who bought them, they wasted $287 and another $8-$12 unlocking them

      next time dont buy crap just to be different. ohhh look at me im a facking nerd and I use WINMO 2.0 im kool kuz I dont use android/BB/iOS…

      HAHAH restart just to make a call.. pathetic.all of you. get that finnish garbage OUT OF THE AMERICAS!

    • migo

      Unlock codes are available, I’m using mine on Mobilicity right now.

  • Spartacustomer

    Where are the wp7 trolls from the android articles? Don’t expect to hear from them now… (Yes I know this is hardware related, but trolls will be trolls)

    • briggs

      They’ve given up trolling on mobilesyrup. The comments is a haven for phandroids.

      Not that that’s a bad thing, of course.

  • Stony Deeok


    My Iphone works flawlessly every single day of the week!
    It’s hard to think of any other phone that’s even HALF as good as an IPhone.

    Keep trying, though…

    • Dimitri

      Really? is that why if you search on google ” iphone 4s sms faulier.” & the battery issues they have had that leaked battery? Wait there is more remember how iPhone’s are having issues with the antenna gate they had with the iPhone 4.. If so called the best phone out there then how could it have many issues.. Hmmmm.

      Anyways just replying to this kid that thinks iPhone’s are the best.

    • Stony Deeok

      Tell us why you sound so mad, Dimitri!
      Did you run out of vodka, or is your crappy phone causing you to be on the edge?

      My fart apps are better than your whole device.
      It’s true, and there is no need to get angry, comrade!

    • WP74Life

      Haha, that is the most ridiculous comment I heard.
      First, let’s compare price.
      Second, let’s compare the durability of the phone.
      and Third, let’s compare our tools, mine is certainly bigger.
      Just Sayin’.

  • Sean

    Have to admit for what this phone is it’s a great deal. I mean $99 on a two year contract is pratically unheard of in Canada

    • bob

      It’s unheard for high end smartpĥones. But since this isn’t an high end smartphone, there is nothing special with this price.

      The Nokia 710 also has a battery charging bug. Don’t deplete the battery.

  • yumcha

    @spartacustomer, why are there always trolls like you that love trolling trolls?

  • yumcha

    bugs are to be expected, how many bugs were/are there still for iOS and android?…nonetheless I still love my Wp7. All OS’s have their good n bad, I don’t see why some of you troll and want to try to prevent competition between OS’s, the more they compete the better it works out for us consumers. 🙂

    • hobo_life_engadget


      you noob if I buy a car and I cannot turn off the air conditioner unless I turn off the can and restart it.. THAT IS NOT A BUG THAT IS A POS!


  • Spartacustomer

    I’m with you, and I aint no troll… there are particular wp7 trolls that are always in the android articles, so I just wanted to see if they’d comment here.

  • EmperumanV

    I must say as an Android user, I really enjoy this phone and its build quality. I find WP7 to be really smooth and has a nice UI.

  • Tank

    So, this means Nokia/Microsoft did no testing prior to release – just beta tested on customers who paid full price for a phone?

    How could that possible be missed with any (decent) QA – I must not be reading this right.

  • hobo_life_engadget


    All you loser torontonians from REDFLAGDEALS who et up the slop running around Rogers locations and are now stuck with Microsoft piece of sheet that will not get updates… have fun restarting your fone just to mek a kall!

    AH-HAHAHHA1 sukers.

    nokia sucks.

    • bob

      pretty sure there are people from outside Toronto who bought this phone

    • freestaterocker

      Ok first of all it’s not winmo. It’s Windows PHONE 7, and completely new OS from the ground up. And hearing a fandroid talk about a device not getting updated. *facepalm* Seriously, you assclown: learn to “facking” read and get yourself an education. If you’re gonna troll, at least so it with correct info.

  • Braumin

    The price is pretty awesome on this phone. $250 outright. That is unheard of for a smartphone. And, while it may not be a Galaxy Nexus, it is no slouch.

    Also the battery bug was on the Lumia 800, not the 710, and a fix has already been released.

    • hobo_life_engadget

      This is a FEATURE PHONE not a smartphone you cow!

      Unheard of you say?

      Zellers – Samsung Galaxy Gio prepaid $70

      Walmart LG Quantum $80 prepaid…

      noooob! u just got wallet rap3d! now cray about it!

  • Golo

    I have no such problem with my Lumia 710.

  • Tacy

    I have my lumia 710 unlocked and it works fine, use on bell mobilty. no hang up issues. it’s solid compare to the same price android phone, also smooth and fast. I am happy so far.

    • freestaterocker

      I’m on Bell and considering this phone for my wife. (I have an HD7) Did you get it unlocked by Rogers in store, or did you go another route?

  • freestaterocker

    Hobo, your mom’s a feature phone. AW SNAP!!

  • hobo_life_sucks

    Just can’t seem to escape the trolls! The LG quantum is 1st gen hardware, the Lumia 710 is 1.4GHz with Adreno 205. For $255 bucks and free offline navigation that’s a damn steal!

  • Rogers Dealer Rep.

    I played around with the 710 on the weekend, and was pleasantly surprised. I have experience with the samsung focus wp7 and I have to say, I am impressed with the wp7 os. So much so that I got my father the phone. He loves it, it’s super easy to use and the email integration is fantastic. I also love the transition animations. I wish android had such good email integration.

    For 250 outright, you can’t go wrong with this phone. I’m considering buying one for my mother as well. This year will be big for wp platform.

  • sp

    @hobo …i gotta say you are more annoying that the BB guy who kept talking about the screen size and keyboard size.

    you make no credible points in any of your posts. before you bash a phone with minor issues why not do some research to make yourself sound more intelligent?

    anyways, im still waiting to get the 710 for my second phone/line. (using the SGS2, waiting for the SGS3)

    im sure this issue will be resolved soon. i wonder if only some batches of them are experiencing this.

    anyone else experiencing or not experiencing this issue?

  • steve

    Whats wrong with these companies releasing phones without doing proper testing before releasing them first. These companies need to stop releasing devices so quickly just to make a quick buck and start doing proper testing before they release this expensive devices. Specially for Nokia putting all their eggs into Windows Phone basket and then have their only Nokia Windows Phone devices be a total lose because of issues and then losing all their loyal Nokia customers. Look at the past few months of cr@ppy devices being released with major issues. Iphone 4 antennae Gate issue,, Iphone 4S battery issues, Galaxy Nexus signal issues, battery issues, Nokia Lumia 710 call disconnect bug, battery issues. Nexus S Wifi hotspot issue, Bluetooth issues, battery issues, and some other issues, Samsung Focus WP7 battery issues, phone turning off by itself and resetting, call disconnect bug. Blackberry Torch 9800 & 9810 phone freezing up bug, very laggy issues, Emails not receiving properly issues. Blackberry Bold 9900 battery issues, battery bug when fully battery being dead and it ends up bricking the phone. Blackberry Curve 9360 major battery issues. Samsung Galaxy Ace major battery issues. HTC Desire HD major battery issues, Theres a serious problem from these manufactures now releasing garbage devices with high prices and not doing proper testing of their devices before releasing them to the market. Not once this year has a manufacture released a cellphone without a major bug or issue for the phone. There needs to be more regulation in terms to quality control. And start having a life time warranty or atleast a warranty that lasts for your entire 3 year term with that cellphone. lololololololololol

  • steve

    I like it how mobilesyrup deletes posts all the time, If you say something bad about Android or WP7 they delete your post, if you say something bad about wind or mobilcity they delete your post. If you say something bad about Iphones, or big 3 they keep all the posts up, so funny

  • Mike

    Next week users will be complaining about the blue screen of death.

  • wtv

    SMS times problems here.

  • Andy

    Why does everyone hate on this Forum
    if you wanna do that do it somewhere else!
    I want to read the comments and see how people feel about a certain topic
    not about how much ur phone is better than everyone else’s(in your opinion)

    I have an iPhone and i like it
    I also love the concept of Android
    I believe Windows Phone are on the right path and Love the fact that it is soo simple and easy
    (FYI Nokia 900 is probably one of the most beautiful phones i have ever see)
    Blackberry has an amazing keyboard and Bbm is addictive

    There is no such thing a the BEST phone because everyone has different needs and a certain point of view on every hardware/Os so stop arguing about random s**t instead of expressing your feelings towards on this topic!

  • BruinsFan

    Hmm… I’m seriously considering buying the 710 phone outright, but I think I might hold off for now.

    • migo

      Certainly doesn’t hurt to hold off, but I got mine from Rogers and haven’t run into such a problem.

  • swizzlerz

    this happens on my optimus 7 with telus if its a landline. so i have to end the call manualy.. its not just the nokia. i think…..

  • PaulS

    I have mine unlocked last Saturday and working perfectly with Mobilicity. Unlock code was only $9.

    • freestaterocker

      Where did you get an unlock code for $9?

  • Sean

    I’ve had my Lumia 710 since Sunday and have had no major issues. It’s been a great phone so far. I did have difficulty setting up FB chat for the first five days, but got it running now. Wish there was a stop button feature for the music player, rather than just the pause button, but that’s minor.

    • freestaterocker

      Download “Stop the Music!” from marketplace. It a free app that gives you access to a stop button that is live tile pinnable. It’s a workaround that shouldn’t be necessary, but it will do the trick until MS addresses the situation.

  • Jorabster

    I have had mine for about 2 weeks now and it’s flawless, for 250 bucks I don’t think you will find a better phone without contract

    I have had no calling issues and yes it is fully unlocked for me so there are unlock codes, not sure what the first guy is saying

    Besides whats the big deal with Android & Iphone? I’m not knocking anyone who likes those two but whats their problem trying to bash a good phone?

  • Wakk88

    Haven’t had a single issue with this phone. Its a joy to use!

  • N.

    i was patiently waiting for the Nokia 710 wp7 to arrive to Canada, and when it actually arrived, i went and bough it…
    The phone seemed to be fine everything was working as expected from Nokia, but with one issue… I have noticed that some of my Contacts were not showing up on my caller id, instead it said “UNKNOWN” (i have caller id). And that was the case for JUST A COUPLE OF PHONE NUMBERS not all. for instance my Bell work number showed up fine, two of my coworkers have rogers phones: one of them showed up ok another said “UNKNOWN”, Wind phone displayed the same thing “UNKNOWN”. SO i called Rogers, spent more then an hour on the phone with resetting the network resetting the phone, but to no avail… the issue still persisted. rogers rep said to go and try another device at the store, but for some strange reasons it still said “UNKNOWN” whenever there was an incoming call from those particular phone numbers, even one of the employee called me from her cell and it said “UNKNOWN”. so i returned the phone on the spot and got my money back… then next day i called NOKIA (because it was still bugging me) the rep said i did not set up my Windows Live account correctly on the phone and because some people have multiple accounts incorporated into their windows live account the info is overwhelming to the phone that is why it displays “UNKNOWN” number… (whhaaat?) after explaining him for about an hour that i have older people on wind network that do not possess an email address nor they have face book/twitter he still persisted that it was the way the account was configured… because i had now way to tested on the phone i stopped arguing and ended the call with no solution… please help with any advice you can come up with… i like that phone very much…
    sorry for the long story.

    • sod

      Call Rogers back and have them disable ‘name display’ on your account. That worked for me.

  • N.

    It worked. thanks sod!

  • ashok

    Plz fix call disconnect bug plz…
    bought 710 for my wife but this problem…..
    Plz fix this problem plz.

  • katherine

    i just bought nokia lumia 710 two weeks ago,but my battery is down completely,what should i do please,should i buy another battery or?