Facebook for Android app updated to v1.8.2, brings “better memory management”


  • InMemoryOfLordJobs

    Isn’t the iPad version better? yeah it is, buy quality product, you get quality. Buy Android and you get sh*t.

    • LEKO

      @InMemoryOfLordJobs You complain about Android, when the problem is Facebook themselves. I use FriendCaster on Android it have some bug, but it is fast/snappy/smooth!

      PS: Your “nick” is somewhat biased! 😉 We know whre you sleep! 😛

  • TJC

    How long did it take the iPad to get an official Facebook App? If I recall I had to use “Friendly for facebook” for almost a year with my first gen iPad.

  • EmperumanV

    Any Facebook app for phones is not the best period! Its better to run the full version of the website on your browser. But wait, only Android can and the Playbook because of Flash! Say what? iPad doesn’t have Flash, so it needs an app. Tsk tsk.

    Going forward, I just browse the full version of the website on my devices and its much cleaner.

  • Marc

    This version is a huge improvement over the last. It used to take ages to load when I first started it on my nexus (which led to awkward silences after I had bragged to my lady friend how awesome the nexus was – shes an Iphone 4 gal), also it was failing to view any pictures people posted on their wall or that I saw in the news feed – now also fixed.

  • Quinn

    Okay guys, quit feeding the troll… *cough*inmemoryofstevejobs*cough*

  • Nick

    I’ve stopped using the FB app at all. It consistently uses far more than its share of battery and makes my Nexus S laggy. The website works much better and can actually be shut down, so no thanks. Facebook on your phone is basically spyware.

    • Art

      It does consume far too much battery life. It’s harder to kill than it ought to be. It syncs far too frequently.

      Never had any issues with it making my phone *laggy* though, and my Nexus S still lasts well more than a day with normal use.

    • Domingo

      I’ve also uninstalled it, that and a bunch of other apps that A: are poorly written, and B: have absolutely rediculously privacy invading permissions. It’s time we rebel and stop installing these apps with bad permissions. It’s getting worse not better.

    • Nick

      Domingo: I couldn’t agree more. Everyone always complains about stuff, but if we lazily keep using it anyway they make money and have the last laugh. FB’s website (as well as apps!) have been laggy and bloated for years! In the last year or so I’ve finally limited myself to checking max once a day and I haven’t missed a thing.