WIND to officially release the Galaxy Nexus February 3rd


  • Beso

    yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay …. I already have a bell version on WIND

    but I wonder if they fixed the roaming issue with this one or not!

  • Radar

    Great news Wind – now I have a plan for this weekend 🙂

  • ItsBoutTime

    Wow…its about time…But the $29 plan will be gone, so FUCK!

    • BartekOneSon

      Do not despair my Wind-loving friend!! They will be introducing the Leap plan, which is pretty much the exact same thing:
      -unlimited canada wide calling
      -unlimited text
      -unlimited data
      -call display

      Same thing as O Canada plan, Voicemail and picture messaging is not included.


  • Nadim

    hmm $249 seems pricey considering its hovering around $99-159 on the big three.

    • deltatux

      Difference is that you’re not locked into a contract and a lot of hidden fees?

    • Jay

      Ya but with the big three your paying upwards of $70 a month and on a contract

  • Radar

    The new $40 plan coming with the phone is perfect – and it is forever!!!

  • markehz

    I know this is a WIND post, but VIDEOTRON come the f#%!in’ up man!!! It’s been almost a month that your freaking “Coming soon” is there. Sorry for the swearing peeps.

  • jesus

    Not bad

  • Baconeater

    Does anyone know if the irrississtable $35 plan qualifies for Windtab ? If so I might be tempted!

    • mongoose

      Yes, all pay-after plans qualify for the regular $150 Tab.

    • Briggs

      150$ tab only.

  • whocares

    Who cares? You won’t be able to use it on their crappy network anyway!

  • Snarly

    I want the upgraded galaxy nexus dagnab it!

  • astudent

    Bday on Feb 3…..Best Present Ever!

  • Rocco StiffReddi

    If I wasn’t so busy being a rogers troll on winds site I could have been first on here telling lies. So blah blah blah warranty blah blah jabroni blah blah. I get much more attention on winds site, and thats all my handlers want, meaningless, unsubstantiated lies, untruths, and meaningless bogeyman scare tactics. None of it has to be true, I get paid by the post.

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