Rogers, Fido and SaskTel all price drop Galaxy Nexus to $99.99 on 3-year, now matching TELUS


  • Rio7

    “Competition is a funny beast isn’t it?” It is! I wish we’d see it one day between the Big3.

    • SAM


    • Ted Henderson

      RIM blackberry is soooo much better than this TOY.

      Its for serious professionals and business doers.

    • Strowg9


    • 2yrcon

      The REAL competition would have increased the price $50 and LOWERED THE CONTRACT to 2yrs!

      Not even the top of the line phone (Best phone of H1 2012??) could survive 3 yrs!

      your phone lasts about 1.5 yrs, then you have to pay for 1.5 of rebate plus a new phone for another 3yrs contract! making in effect very difficult to ESCAPE operators, while Maximuzing ARPU and redicung Customer Acquisition cost for the operators. That’s how the system works!

      On a 2yr model you get a bit less of a dicount and its easier to change operators; that;s why they don’t do it!

    • 2yrcon

      ANY phone on a THREE year contract should be free!

      3yrs are ridiculous!

  • Taylor

    Awesome. I just picked up my phone last Thursday for the full price.


    • Ebpo

      I know in Quebec we have a law to makes store adjust the price in the 14 days for electronics and 30 days otherwise. I have 0 idea about the rest of Canada tho

    • Sipimi

      Same for me, picked it up wednesday at Fido…Ebpo, what about that law? I asked the seller when I bought the phone, and he told me it was impossible to get a rebate afterwards…I live in Montreal, so I could benefit from your wits!

  • serpico

    There is not yet a real competition in Canada in this market. When you have ROBELUS with over 90 % of the subscribers , you cannot call it a competitive market . It is just a Joke .The Governments of Canada have failed for many , many years to open the market and some timid attempts are taking place now .

  • shaggyskunk

    The Telecoms reward the first buyers with their traditional slap in the face. Nice .

  • XER

    Competition is always sweet.

  • TB

    I thought I would see a price drop on the S2 LTE when the Nexus was released but no go. I am on Rogers and still don’t know which device to get the S2 LTE or the Nexus.
    Any thoughts?

    • Dave D

      I love my Nexus. I was coming from an ancient BB so you can assume anything would be a monster step up.

    • SAM


  • Dave D

    I just bought it, does anyone think I can get the price adjusted?

  • Oydevil

    Competition will be the day when one of the carriers make it possible to take this phone with a $40 smartphone plan. As for now they are just equally ripping people off.

  • PGill

    Hardware upgrade price should have dropped to $99 as well I guess?

  • Ben

    Bought it with Fido on Tuesday 10th. Friend of mine works at Fido, told me the notice about a 60$ right away and although they were reluctant and confused about this at first (was on the phone for a total of 26 minutes), they refunded me my 60$ (on a HUP). I have yet to see my next month invoice to see if everything checks out but they are definitely refunding customers who bought it for 160$ at Fido if you call within 14 days after buying the phone or upgrading to it via HUP. If they tell you otherwise, they’re lying. I’m in Quebec also, if that makes any difference

    • Ben

      It would seem part of my message got cut “… told me the notice about a 60$ discount for people who bought a GN at 160$ popped out in their notification system. I then called right away …”

  • Someguy

    It will be free in two weeks. History has shown this. Patience.

  • marc

    I bought the phone on tuesday and love it. Was on the rogers site yesterday looking for the hup rebate form (couldnt do the rebate online with a small business account for some reason) and saw the price drop. Called the rogers for business line and no questions asked they credited my account $50 for the difference between what i paid and the current price. Dare i say i recieved great customer service? The rep on the phone even asked me how i liked the nexus because he cant wait to upgrade 😉

  • T1MB1T

    Just in these do NOT work on wind! You MUST but the phone from wind!!! Why give the big 3 any money! Tony says he will not stand for it!

    • Dimitri K.

      No one cares anymore what “Tony” has to say. Go make love to him & stop posting useless crap.

      @MS. Rogers already posted this yesterday morning & a few of us go to see the page on Saturday morning as well because some Rogers reps over at the Rogers Redboard forums gave us the link to it. If anyone got the Nexus for $159 go back to the store or call Rogers & get it credited back to your account. I talked to a few reps & store managers in which knew the price was $99 since they got the devices but the system would show it as $159 so they had to sell it for that price. I have yet to get one seeing as i got my HTC Raider ( loving it). I will most likely get one sooner or later. ( no i will not buy it outright seeing as i am not going to pay $600+ for a phone..)

    • T1MB1T

      Dimitri K. You commie! Tony is the only one here wanting us to have a better wireless! With out vastly better network, unmatched phones and excellent customer service we will destroy the competition. Bigman the phone will not work on WIND tony has said it many times only buy from wind and be sure it will work! Support wind!

  • Netguru

    Be aware that Rogers and Fido are locking their phones, unlike previous versions of the Nexus.

    • Dimitri K.

      What are you talking about :/.. My buddy has a Galaxy Nexus that he bought from Rogers & its not locked & others have said the same. i have seen him put a Telus & a Fido sim card & they both work just fine. Please provide us with anything proving your word.

    • T1MB1T

      Netguru is 100% right! tony has said it! do not listen to people when they say it is cheaper. It is not cheaper at all! it is not as good as the wind one! we all know the wind phone will be compatible and who cares about what people are saying they are all liars! Wind for wind phones!

  • David

    SaskTel had this at $99 right on launch day.

  • Netguru

    @Dimitri K: I went to the Fido store to pick up 3 GNs. I asked the salesman to confirm that they are unclocked. He told me that they are locked to Fido/Rogers sims. I called Fido Retention from the store. They confirmed that they are locked. I went across the street to the Rogers store. The salesman said the same thing. He told me he already had a customer with an AT&T sim (which is what we use when we go to the US). They put the AT&T sim in the phone and it wouldn’t work. Why would these salesmen lie and lose selling 3 phones?

    Is that enough proof for you?

    • Dimitri K.

      Funny thing is most of us that bought its unlocked.. All Galaxy Nexus phones should be unlocked.

    • Matt

      Well, were you buying off contrct? He mkes no money if you were, so yeh, why not lose tht sle nd keep it for customers tht mke you csh?

    • mc jin

      No it’s not conclusive proof. When Nexus S first released, Futureshop told people on Twitter and their forum that Nexus S would be SIM-locked. Then people verified that they were not, all of these FS staff disappeared and/or refused to answer any further questions.

  • Netguru

    s/b unlocked not unclocked

  • Netguru

    “All Galaxy Nexus phones should be unlocked” I agree. But Rogers/Fido GNs are locked. So says the Fido store, Customer Relations and the Rogers store. So until Rogers/Fido reverses themselves in writing, I’ll get the phones from a carrier that isn’t locking them. I waiting to hear back from Telus.

  • Matt

    Bell/Virgin, at lest t Source stores is 100 too, but only for new subs, via 60 in store credit tht we deduct immeditely.

  • Netguru


    No…on contract. Already had my retention offer. I went to the store to take advantage of the trade-in bonus.

  • Cosmic

    I would like to think my ranting helped the price match. First buyers get burned again. I think I will wait for the Razr Maxx anyway for the much needed extra battery life.

    • Dimitri K.

      That is what i have said. This is why i wait for a few days or weeks. The price goes down & so its better then. It seems a lot of people are making this mistake so they can own the phone before everyone else in which makes them pay more & once they see a few days or a week later the price drops they always complain & ask for a credit. They should just wait a few days or weeks if they are are not in a hurry to get the phone.

  • JSKershaw

    I purchased my phone last Tuesday at the $159.99 price through a Rogers Plus store. I called Rogers this morning and they credited me the $60 difference without any questions asked. So if you purchased the phone at the higher price Rogers will credit you the difference.

    • KnightFire

      I only got a partial credit – and it wasn’t easy – took two calls.

  • crimsona

    The Rogers and Fido stores lie all the time. They’ve told my aunt that the unlocked iPhone she got from Apple at full price would be locked when she puts in her Rogers Sim card, and would cost her fifty bucks to unlock it again after. What a load of BS

    Plugged in a freaking Mobilicity Sim card into Rogers galaxy nexus. Rather than taking their word at face value, just try your own Sim card in their phone

  • crimsona

    Why would they lie? They get commission from activations. If you buy a phone off contact, they get nothing and they have less inventory for the next 3 buyers who do get them on contract. unless there’s a glut of inventory, they would much rather hills onto it than sell them to you

  • Warren

    I just saw that I was thanked for tipping! Mobilesyrup is awesome!

  • shaggyskunk

    After speaking to rogers CSRs, I don’t really think it’s a matter of anyone lieing, far more likely that they just don’t know!

  • Jason

    Just contacted Rogers to get my credit back. (Purchased my Nexus last Thursday). While it wasn’t completely painless – had to get elevated to a manager who put me on hold for a long time, I did finally get the credit back.

  • Good Boy

    Most phones are locked, so they assume the nexus is as well. Rogers makes no effort to inform their reps it’s not. After all, that would make it easier to port.

  • Nitin

    I purchased my phone on Saturday from Rogers and purchased for $99 too. The price was updated Friday for the official release.

  • MK

    Rogers Galaxy Nexus:the external speaker volume is so low!
    Did anyone get the same issue?

    • Russ

      I had the same issue. I purchased Volume+ (don’t get the free version) and this allowed me to increase the volume on the ringer.

  • MARS

    Not the CSR fault that they don’t know their products. The only phone customer service gets trained on is the iPhone.

    My cousin who is visiting Canada went to a Fido store and placed his sim card in the GN from Orange Mobile in France and it recognized his sim card…so the phone is not locked.

  • KnightFire

    Jumped through a couple of hoops with Rogers today – bought my SGN from a Rogers Authorized Dealer on release day and had to pay $209 and got a $50 mail-in (small town Alberta).
    After being taunted by a buddy who got his for $99 I called up Rogers to see what could be done.
    First call to “retentions” resulted in being told to return the phone to the dealer to obtain the price match.
    A second call to “retentions” got me a resolution I was willing to accept: a partial credit to my bill and a few perks for a few months.

  • bigman

    what !! come on Wind you can do better than that

  • Mario

    On my side i’m looking forward if Videotron is going to have an introductory promo at $99.99. Waiting should pay somewhere …

  • Raegoul

    I bought mine Friday. I called rogers retentions on monday afternoon and got a $60 credit.

  • PGill

    I picked up mine from Rogers store yesterday in downtown Toronto. Today, I tried my friend’s FIDO sim and it worked. So looks like phone is unlocked.

  • derp

    competetive market; go to Fido with an old phone & you can get the phone for 50.00 or less on a three year contract.

  • Rocco StiffReddi

    The phones are unlocked. Just try a sim and you will know. Why would anyone buy a phone from wind without a warranty? Besides the beauty of this phone is it will work on the better networks. Since we all know wind is leaving a mark on the toilet as we speak. Ask the ” insiders ” why the call center postings are not going anywhere. Why people apply and no one gets a call back and why as of late more and more towers are going dark.. exit strategy is what is being whispered.

    on a more interesting note.. Mike Jones was allowed back into the all you can eat buffet.. but it has a 3 hour limit for him and he is given a very small plate. Hey its the Wind unlimited plan!