Moneris slightly rebrands mobile payment processing service to “PAYD”

It seems that Moneris has done a little rebranding of their mobile payment processing service. They currently have the “e-Select plus Mobile App”, but have come out with the same product, just changed the name and targeted a different audience. Now creatively called “PAYD”, which is a very memorable name, targets Canadian business owners who want to accept payments via their smartphone or tablets. All you have to do is sign up through their site, Moneris is currently offering it for free, but it’s only compatible with iOS devices, various Android devices and BlackBerry devices (not the Torch).

Moneris sent us a note stating that “While the PAYD product does use the same technical platform as the e-Select Mobile App, it differs in the market segment and perspective customers. The goal for PAYD is to have a very simple pricing model and very low barriers to entry for a small business or entrepreneur. The e-Select Mobile App will still be available as a separate product for Moneris’s e-Select merchants, but PAYD is intended to appeal to an entirely different kind of merchant.”

Love the new name and that it’s Canadian, but wish it looked as cool as what Square dreamed up. Progress is good.

More here at PAYD